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In one’s garage, an excellent quality portable air compressor combo kit serves as a timeless favorite. If you have operated any sort of pneumatic device previously, you are likely to be aware of it. You must be aware of the ways an instant boost of air pressure works.

Actually, instant boost of air pressure allows you to accelerate your progress on completing the relatively complicated tasks much quicker.

Selecting the most efficient air compressor combo kit is crucial to achieve maximum perfection. It may be the case of spraying paints on your favorite car or giving your worn-out wooden fence a makeover.

The range of compressor combo kits is vast at present. However, when it comes to making a purchase, both maintaining the budget and ensuring high performance matters. In these terms, Craftsman is the manufacturer that provides a good number of compressor combo kits to choose from.

In this article, we will provide a brief guideline on which Craftsman Compressor Combo Kit is the best pick.

  • The very best thing about the Craftsman air compressor combo kit is the authenticity. These products are not like those fancy and fake junk of machine which are of no use.
  • Amongst many options of this brand, kits like CRAFTSMAN Air CMEC1KIT18 can be your first choice. This could be your ideal if you are a beginner in this case.
  • This combo kit has a big 6 gallon tank and it has a maximum PSI level of 150. Also, this one is a corded compressor and the same time it is extremely portable.
  • Are you willing to make a new garage or workshop to do various air works?Then this kit will be your best choice.
  • Craftsman air compressor combo kits have shown their level of service by standing at the top of worldwide best-seller ranks. In terms of customer service, Craftsman has represented the premium satisfaction of customers by achieving 4.8 ratings out of 5.
  • The vast collection of this brand is more than enough to make you confused, yet it is beneficial.
  • For bigger facilities, you can opt for the Craftsman CMEC3KIT. This one also is a portable pancake air compressor with additional features. It includes the power of a 16 gallon compressor, fluency in working with brad nailers and stapler and so on.
  • We have mentioned earlier that there is a vast collection of impressive air compressors in the vault of Craftsman. By mentioning one or two, we are just trying to guide you all the way to your desired compressor combo-kit.
  • Note that we couldn’t mention many options but these two are the specimen of the others.
  • All you have to do is to look for the common attributes in the compressors. Also find your best tool to work with.

Our simple, brief yet informative guideline is made just for your convenience. So, you wouldn’t get deprived of these products just for the lack of authentic information.

The Craftsman air compressor combo kit serves you at a great deal. These aforementioned two models are the best of the bests. You might give it a try before it’s out of stock!

How to use Craftsman air compressor combo kit

You might be unsure of how to pick an air compressor due to the numerous different brands available. Additionally, there are numerous choices that it is simple to become confused.

But in our earlier articles, we covered the top air compressors. We’ll explain how to utilize a Craftsman air compressor combo kit in this one.

Craftsman, one of the most well-known brands, outperforms other manufacturers in terms of durability, workload, service, and efficiency. To be mentioned, it is one of the most quiet air compressors; which is yet another plus point. An air compressor from Craftsman can be used as shown below.

A good air compressor’s whole construction is subjected to scrutiny. But first, make sure that everything is assembled and linked in line with the instructions provided in instruction manual.

You may use forceps and fasteners to join the parts together. Before putting the next element on, make sure the previous ones are stable.

Once everything is connected and put together, you must check to see if each component is working properly. Due to their simplicity, small air compressors are simple to check. Search for issues if there are any; if not, move on to the next step.

Before starting an air compressor that is corded, make sure the power supply is ok. Also make sure that, the lever connections, and the hose are all in working order.

You should routinely examine the intakes. Since impact wrench work demands a greater CFM and more air from the compressor than other jobs.

If your air compressor runs on gas, you should carefully check the gas tanks.This is because they supply the bulk of the compressor’s power. Check the rings and splinters of the joints often to check for leakage.

You can start the compressor after everything is in working condition. It should be remembered that you should start with a lower CFM and gradually increase the power.

This is because starting with anything like a bigger power might result in your air tool blowing up. So, be patient and diligent in your task.

You might not be certain that your compressor has the right CFM. The topic of how much CFM is actually required to run an air compressor may sometimes be deceiving. Well, we have covered this in the paragraph above.

However, we want to make sure you know that no specific air compressor has a set CFM requirement.

Everything depends on the device’s size, power, workload capacity, and user needs in relation to the demands of certain task. For instance, framing nailers need more CFM than inflating tires. So, before you ask this question, think twice.

We will only be talking about small to medium sized air compressors in this article. Since larger air compressors are frequently handled by professionals.If you want to spray paint a car, you can choose an air compressor for home usage.

Craftsman is one of the best air compressors for spray painting. To manually paint a vehicle, turn on the compressor, fasten it to painter, and let the barometric pressure do work.

The inflation of tires is a commonplace chore that these small and medium-sized air compressors are ideal for. If your compressor has one, gently disconnect it from the power source after finishing your work. Otherwise, lay it aside.

After disconnecting the hose from the air tool, place the compressor someplace clean and dry to rest.

Because they are so nicely made, Craftsman air compressors are ideal for usage by beginners.Also, they are the perfect air compressors for automotive air tools.

These details are provided purely for your convenience.We hope that operating a Craftsman air compressor won’t be difficult for you that you know how to do it.

How to maintain Craftsman air compressor combo kit

All air compressors, no matter how good they are, require routine maintenance. The finest air compressor you could ever own is the Craftsman air compressor combo kit. Following the directions in the manual is frequently the best way to handle an air compressor combo-kit—or other assets.

Before using something, some folks never even peek at the directions! The guidebook provides information if you wish to know whether or not more CFM is desirable.

To be more specific, picture yourself in a situation where you are unaware of SCFM requirements for an impact wrench. Or imagine where your compressor is stuck and you are unable to contact the management.

Most users will still contact customer support departments even if the user manual provides all the information. Simply and without concern, adhere to it!

Craftsman in one of the most well recognized small air compressors. In this article, we will tell you how you can maintain a Craftsman air compressor combo kit.

Air Intakes

Your compressor’s intake ports frequently get dirty from everyday use. Dust is a common sight at construction sites. Dust-particles shoot into the air and are easily able to reach the vent as the compressor vibrates against the ground.

The Craftsman air compressor combo set is a well-known example of a tool with good vibration. Gas powered air compressors create more vibration.

Instruments like the Craftsman air compressor combo kit, Bostitch, Pancake, and many more may nevertheless create a high force.Not all compressors resonate in the same way.

To do this, you must clean your HVAC unit at least once a week or so. Your mechanical progress won’t improve if your intake is hindered.


These metal parts, which are among an air compressor’s most important parts, keep the entire superstructure together. If the bolts and nuts are not installed, your compressor may begin to deteriorate over time.

With air compressor combo sets like the Craftsman, for example, high-performance bolts are supplied. But you should be sure to check them periodically because operating vibration can be significantly increased by loose nuts.

But be careful not to compress the bolts or nuts too much. It may prevent the circle from closing and make things harsher rather than more egalitarian.

Tank Maintenance

It’s possible that you are unaware of the size of gas tank your air compressor needs. We believe that everything depends on diversity. One of the greatest air compressors for home use, the bigger Pancake models, for instance.

It comes with tanks big enough and able to store more gasoline, allowing you to paint a car. Your primary priority should be to clean the gas tank because it has to be done.

Fuel particles have the potential to cause serious harm to your air compressor. The last thing you want is for the compressor to start to smell real bad. Since this will decrease the compressor’s effectiveness in general.

Drain all of the fuel and grease from container, and then vacuum out any leftover lubrication using a wet-dry method.


Commonly questioned is how much PSI or CFM is required for air tools. Everything is different, as we’ve previously established. The pressure gauges are a compressor’s most crucial parts. To take accurate measurements, your indicators must be faultless.

The same applies to both PSI and CFM. For instance, you have no notion how much CFM you’re consuming when inflating or deflating tires. If your meters are inaccurate, you have a significant medical problem!

For these objectives, the gauge meters must be often inspected. These sensors collect data on pressure, analyze it, and provide you information. Only a routine sensor check is required. If you find that they are not operating as intended, just replace them with new ones.

The Craftsman air compressor combo kit is the air compressor for home shop and for other household needs. It is very handy and useful, and now you know how to take care of it.

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