What type of oil to use in air compressor



Compressors are an essential in any and every mechanical work. However, what’s even more required before running a compressor is something that will keep the compressor running without a hitch. Strenuous and heavyweight activities may often wear off, leading to a hefty amount of maintenance.

Using oil or lubrication saves us a great deal in this regard. Oil is commonly used as lubricant. It largely aids in reducing friction between the parts in the air compressor’s pump. As a result, there is less temperature generated by friction, less energy consumed.

Consequently, a longer life for the machine cycle is ensured. Are you stuck in choosing the proper compressor lubricant for your air compressor? Or wondering which the ideal one is? Do you have any other commonly asked questions concerning air compressor oil? Look no further!

  • First things first, the price and the providence! Traditional mineral oils are cheaper than the lubricant oils out there. But there is a fact of the golden ration of service and price.
  • Traditional oils will help you to save some bucks. But they will not provide you the service that you will get from the lubricant oils.
  • With that being said, synthetic lubricant oils are superior in terms of service providence as they last longer. And it helps your compressor to work in heavy-duty scenarios.
  • Professionals suggest you to use either the 20 or 25-30W type of synthetic lubricant oil rather than the mineral oil.
  • There are types of compressors too like- Oil less and oiled air compressors. Generally, compressors with oil have the longer engine health and they serve better. So it is better to have an oiled compressor.
  • There are also other types of oils like the compressor oil and motor oil. It is obvious that the compressor oil is specially made for the compressors and is the ideal one.
  • But if you are facing issues with this oil, you can opt for the motor oils.
  • You have to keep in mind that the motor oil will allow your compressor to produce more combustion. At the same time, it will produce more Carbon Di Oxide than the compressor oil. So, there are both pros and cons if you use the motor oil as a substance of compressor oil.
  • There is always a hope in everything. You can use 20-30w non-detergent motor oil for your compressor. We have mentioned earlier that motor oil is not the ideal one. But if you’ve the access to use non-detergent motor-oil, there are chances that you won’t face that much of problem.
  • The bottom line is, there are many options for you to choose. But only a few of them are worth to give a try.
  • For air compressors, we will personally suggest you to stick to the oil that your manufacturer has provided you.
  • However, if issues found in the existing oil, you can try the afore-mentioned ones without thinking twice.

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