What Size Air Compressor do I Need to Run Air Tools



Air tools are machinery that is largely driven by air pressure. These air tools are air-powered and also compressed by air compressors.

Machines that run air tools are known as air compressors. These devices are powered by electricity, gasoline, or even diesel.

When it comes to choosing an air compressor for your air tools, there’s also the concept of power, which is linked to size, capacity, PSI, CFM, and other factors.

If you need a compressor, as well as its other features, is completely defined by its consumers. As for the size, not just the term size remains the main concern, but also the other attributes which are mentioned above are co-related to that.

  • First you have to know that there are countless air tools in the market to work with. And each of the tools have some significant attributes which differs from one to the other, and depending upon the need of the air tools, the size of the compressor changes.
    • For small air tools like the spray painter, mini framing nailers, vacuum cleaners and so on, you don’t need something big. A compressor with minimum PSI, CFM and overall a small sized compressor of 1 gallon air containing capacity will be more than enough for you.
    • Compressors like Metabo HPT can be your ideal choice in this case. This is the smallest possible compressor that can handle most of your household works.
    • If you are willing to buy comparatively larger air tools like mini dye grinders, 3/8” impact wrenches, spray painters (large size), you need a compressors that is slightly bigger than the previous one. A nice 2-4 gallon compressor will be more than enough for you.
    • By now, you have realized the change in the size and overall attributes of a compressor according to the need of the air tools.
    • As your tools get bigger, your compressors air containing capacity, i.e the size of your compressor increases proportionally.
    • For larger air tools like 1 inch impact wrench, truck tires inflator/deflator, large jack hammers and so on, you need a compressor like WEN 2289. It has a big 10 gallon tank which allows you to use more air, and more air means your compressor can access to more PSI and CFM level.
    • Other air tools which are used for factory or industrial purposes such as large vacuum cleaners, pressing machine; these air tools need the optimum service from an air compressor. And considering the fact that these industries need to produce much in order to maintain pace, these tools more air to work longer time.
    • For that, a manufacturer (joined or singular) can use those huge 50 gallon air compressors. Theses compressors are heavy duty and have longer lifetime.
    • In short, the relation between the sizes of your compressor is equal to the air tools that you are using. The idea is simple, bigger compressors for bigger tools and vice versa.

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