What Size Air Compressor DO I need to Paint a Car



Air compressors are a type of tool which uses air to produce power to run air tools. Air compressor is generally run by motors which then use their power to produce energy to run an air tool. What Size Air Compressor do i need to Paint a Car?

A spray painter is another pneumatic air tool which uses air to spread paint all over the surface of objects. There are variations in terms of the painters. Some painters require less powered air compressors, some require more.

To paint a car fully, a user need a painter which requires a good compressor with more PSI and CFM. This amount of PSI and CFM is not much compared to the bigger compressors which are used for larger facilities.

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  • First of all you will need a compressor with a bigger tank size. The professionals suggest you have at least 6-10 gallons to paint a car smoothly. And you can upgrade the size of your compressors to 50 gallons (those are for industrial car painting purposes).
  • As you will be painting your own car at your home garage, you will need a compressor like Craftsman CMEC3KIT. In fact, it could be your ideal choice. It has comparatively bigger air containing capacity which will produce more CFM and PSI to paint a car.
  • In terms of PSI, you need to look for those compressors which produce at least 30 PSI. Anything under this limit will not exactly stop your execution of painting a car. But you won’t have any satisfaction while doing it and you might need multiple fillings which is totally exhausting.
  • As for CFM, anything above 5-7 is fine. This is the minimum requirement to paint a car. You can increase your CFM level as per your demand.
  • As your garage got bigger, you would feel the need to paint multiple cars at a moment. In that case, there are compressors which will provide you maximum productivity.
  • Compressors such as the Northstar  can be your ideal choice. It has a huge air containing capacity of 20 gallons and it can produce 5 CFM of air pressure. And it has a 2 HP motor to produce power for it.
  • All these information about compressors for painting a car are for small to semi-large facilities.
  • For factory where there are countless cars waiting at the assembly line to be painted on, you need something big. Compressors with 30+ gallons of air containing capacity and 20+ CFM will be perfect for these cases.
  • However, bigger compressors will increase your productivity and relying on this fact, you can always have bigger compressor.

It’s clear as daylight that you require only those compressors to paint a car which suit you the best. And those compressors must meet all the necessities. There is no particular digit which can determine the best compressor for painting cars.

Rather, we can say that you can have a clearer idea after reading this article on compressors for painting cars. Undoubtedly,  it will be beneficial for you while buying one.

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