What Size Air Compressor Do I Need for Impact Wrench



An impact wrench is a socket tool that uses torque energy by exerting minimum effort by the use. The tool gets its power from a rotating mass such as a rotary motor air compressor. Or a magnetic motor air compressor.

The main purpose of an impact wrench is to repair those automotive facilities, huge construction processes, large industrial tool maintenance etc. To run an impact wrench without facing any sort of issues, you will need a special compressor. That special compressor is easily compatible with such kinds of heavy tools.

You may not use a small air compressor to run impact wrenches. This is because the amount of power and PSI, including CFM that these tools need, is quite impossible for smaller ones.  Smaller ones are specially made for household purposes.

  • The first thing you should keep in mind is the required CFM to run an impact wrench. Now, the CFM is an indication of the amount of air your compressor can insert to run a tool.
  • This CFM is generated by the amount of air your compressor can hold. Generally the amount of air that your compressor can hold goes through the channel of the compressor. And then it comes out as CFM which determines the ability of an air compressor to some extent.
  • A normal impact wrench uses at least 2.5. And it can rise up to 5-10 CFM depending upon the size of the wrench.
  • Compressors like Makita MAC210Q can be your choice. It has a comparatively bigger air containing capacity. This turns out into a good air thruster in terms of producing PSI for running an impact wrench.
  • We have said that there are many types of impact wrenches that differ in size and ability. This means, the size of the compressor also depends solely on the requirement of the wrench to run smoothly.
  • Impact wrenches start from 3/8” and can be upgraded to 1”. And depending upon the size of the impact wrench, variation in the size of air compressors comes into our consideration.
  • For smaller impact wrenches, you can choose a compressor that is like the aforementioned one or you can choose that particular one.
  • But as your facility gets bigger, you need a bigger compressor with a bigger tank. This is because it can contain more air to produce more CFM and PSI.
  • For a factory standard sized impact wrench, you can choose compressors like Makita MAC5200 can help you out. It is big air compressor with 3 HP and air containing a capacity of 5.2 gallons.

We have stated that impact wrenches do require a bit more air than normal air tools. You have to consider the fact that these tools also vary from size to size, power to power. You should consider many other criteria just like the other pneumatic air tools.

It is to be mentioned that we didn’t name a few brands which will give you the best compressors for wrenches. But we provided you with a vivid idea which you can use while buying one.

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