What is the Best Framing Nailer to Buy


A framing nailer (also known as a nail gun or a framing gun) is an important instrument for construction site. A good framing nailer can drive a lot of nails together into framing assemblage. It can be done in less time than a professional carpenter can hammer one framing nail.

Furthermore, framing is the process of fine-tuning any type of wooden construction to make the lines fine and even. They are also unavoidable in order to keep things securely together. There are a few key points to consider if you want to learn more about the fundamentals of framing.

There are countless brands out there which will provide you the best service. However, it is unwise to mention some of them. Rather, we will insert some of the key features which should be present in a good and handy framing nailer.

  • Whether it is a pneumatic or a cordless nailer, the best framing nailers have a thing in common. And that is: all of the nailers require a rigid PSI. A good nailer needs roughly above 90 PSI or so.

You should not buy those cheap ones with lesser PSI requirement because they don’t have the ability to insert nails.

  • There are also two types of nailers: coiled and stick style nailers. Although both of them are kind of same, but the stick style nailers are slightly convenient. Nailers like Bostitch Stanley MCN150 is a premium quality nailer. These nailes are lightweight and durable.
  • Mostly a good nailer should be around 5-6 pounds. It is because you have to hold them for a long period of time. So, the lighter, the better.
  • Many municipal building rules require that all new construction and major renovations use round-head nails instead of clipped-head nails. Framing nailers which employ clipped-head nails may contain extra nails than round-head nailers. However, this advantage is negated if the clipped-head nails are illegal.
  • For more options, you can choose paper collated nailers like the Dewalt DCN692M1. These types of nailing kits include all the necessary equipment like adjustable rafter hook, nosepiece removals, dry fire-lock technology etc.
  • If you are really into framing job, then we suggest you to go through our brief. Read the exploratory discussion about nailers carefully and then decide your best suited one.

We have mentioned earlier that there are countless brands out there to confuse you. And to prevent that, all you need is our instructions. The above mentioned are the basic characteristics which you should look for in a good framing nailer.

We simply cannot mention a few. The two products are just an example of such nailers. There are other brands which could give you the exact same service.  All you have to do is look into it carefully.

We have pointed out only those facts which are important for you and might come in handy. So, before buying one, be sure you have read all these things.

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