What is the Best Air Compressor for Home Use



Air compressors are a flexible piece of equipment that may be used for a wide range of applications. Everything from inflating and deflating tires to utilizing jack hammers requires an air compressor. It is not necessary to use an air compressor for every activity.

However, we hate to inform you that there is no alternative choice for an air compressor in the case of automobiles. The automobile industry is greatly reliant on it. In fact, air compressors are used by almost all of the main manufacturers to make their tasks simpler.

The job that an air compressor is used for varies. Today our focus will be on those air compressors which we can use for home uses. The followings are some basic information on small air compressors

  • First of all, home appliances include spray paint, vacuum cleaners, small to mid-level paint brushes and paint guns. It may also include tires inflators and deflators, mini jack hammers and so on.
  • These type of air tools do not require huge amount of PSI, nor CFM to run them smoothly. Needless to say, it will be unwise if you buy a bug air compressor for your home appliances. This is because these tools require less than you buy.
  • We suggest you to buy something decent like the Makita MAC100Q. This compressor has a ½ HP motor and a 1 gallon tank. This type of compressors are handy for any type of home usages.
  • It is because your home tools will never require more CFM than 4 (it is the maximum limit). In terms of PSI, 60-90 PSI will be beyond enough for you.
  • Tools like paint guns, framing nailers and tire inflator/deflators require more or less 90 PSI. Although it depends on the size and task of your tool. But since these are home tools, we hope that you won’t need much more than aforementioned.
  • However, some home tools like jack hammer and chainsaws require a bit more power, PSI and CFM than the others. For that, you can have a slightly bigger compressor like Craftsman CMEC6150K can be your choice.

These compressors are slightly more powerful with 2.6 CFM and a 6 gallon tank for more air intake facility.

  • It is to be mentioned that we are not glorifying some brands and demeaning others. We are just giving you an outline of which attributes should be present in a good air compressor. And that could be helpful for you in all the way for using your home tools.
  • There is no single brand which can be considered as the ideal one. Rather, you should keep in mind that there are countless compressors which can fit your requirements for home purposes.
  • All you’ve to do is: read our instructions carefully and search for the compressor which matches with the information above.
  • To conclude, we suggest you to buy what you don’t want, but what you need! Do not make yourself a fool after buying a huge chunk of metal!



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