What is a Good Air Compressor


An air compressor is a pneumatic device capable of converting power with either motor which can be electric, diesel powered or even gasoline powered to produce fresh energy that is contained in pressurized air/compressed air.

If you’re a contractor, heavy-duty technician, automobile specialist, or a serious craftsman working with tools of various sorts, a powerful air compressor is a must.

When selecting an air compressor, three factors must be considered:

  1. air pressure,
  2. air flow (evaluated in cubic feet per minute, or CFM), and
  3. the volume of air which can be stored inside the tank.

Because of all three having an impact on overall performance, it’s crucial to understand how they connect.

We have said earlier that there are certain things which you should take into account while buying an air compressor.  And also those key things which determine the level of a compressor. Now, we are going to give you a brief yet exploratory ideal of all these things.

  • First of all, the power and the size of an air compressor. The power determines the ability of a compressor of how much it is capable of. Generally, it is shown in Horse Power. A good air compressor with 2/3 HP (like Craftsman CMXECXA0201041) is more than enough of your needs.
  • Connecting the power with the size, it depends from compressor to compressor, work to work. There is no universal size which can be considered as ‘good’ in terms of determining an air compressor.

But to relate it with the power, the ratio should be considerable. That means, if you have a smaller compressor with high power, there is no point of having the power.  The reason is there is no space for air to intake.

  • The CFM level is next important factor here. CFM refers to the amount of pressure that a compressor can generate within a certain amount of space time. To relate it, we can say that a good compressor must have minimum CFM that is required for your work.

Although the CFM differs from compressor to compressor, the more you have it, the more ways you’ve to work with.

  • Then come to the point of PSI (Pound per Square Inch). It is an indication of your compressor’s pressure applying ability. More PSI gives you more scope to work with bigger air tools like jack hammer, truck tire inflators and more.
  • Compressor like California Air Tools 10020C is a medium level compressor in terms of PSI. You can use it for multipurpose automobile works like inflating, deflating, grinding, dying and more.
  • Other factors include the noise that compressor produces (the lesser the better), stability, longevity. And to some extent, the after purchase service which most of the famous brands offer.
  • The bottom line is, a good compressor can be determined through the analysis of its overall service. Also its ratio of power and size and the response to its user.
  • There is no constant number which can determine if a compressor is good or bad. All of it lies within the build quality, service and overall performance of it.
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