What can be used as a substitute of hydraulic fluid



What can be used as a substitute of hydraulic fluid? The hydraulic fluid is a type of substance that is used vastly in the automobile section all over the world. This fluid is the most necessary thing in terms of running a machine smoothly.

It is because the fluid makes the surface of the mechanisms inside of the machine smooth and friction free. So basically, hydraulic fluid is sort of energy transfer medium that helps a machine to work properly without getting jammed.

Not only that, but the hydraulic fluid also carries the intense heat produced by the hydraulic machines. This heat generates due to the immense pressure that a hydraulic machine creates. However, sometimes there might be the necessity of other fluids which can replace the hydraulic fluid.

In this section, we will let you know about some of the possible replacements of the hydraulic fluid. We think it can serve you just like that.

  • As a replacement, the very first thing that comes in our mind is the lightweight motor oil. And this oil has less viscosity than the ordinary machine oil.
  • These lightweight motor oils are 20/25 W or somewhere around that. These oils will provide you the same service as the regular machine oil that are used for hydraulics.
  • Now, there can be a curiosity of using the engine oil. But the answer is not what you have expected.
  • Engine oils, won’t be enough to run a hydraulic pressing machine or any other machine that has the hydraulic mechanism. Whether the oil is lightweight or heavyweight, engine oil is not the only major concern.

It’s because the engine oil is less reliable in terms of temperature as hydraulic oil leaks somewhere around 45-47 degrees.

  • This temperature is nowhere near the immense pressure and temperature that a hydraulic machine produces.
  • The best replacement for the hydraulic fluid can be the ATF (automatic transmission fluid). This fluid is so good that many manufacturers have used and are still using it. They are using it as a substitute of the power steering fluid.
  • Consisting about 84.90% of the base oil, the automatic transmission fluid has other substances. They may include- 9% solvent, 52.4% lubricant and about 23.56% of other necessary chemicals.
  • There is a vague yet important fact that you should keep in mind. And that is the difference between the hydraulic fluid and hydraulic oil.
  • Hydraulic oil is a substance that is generally a fluid. But hydraulic fluid can be made of other fluids. So, the bottom line is, hydraulic fluid is a singular substance without mixture where the hydraulic fluid is a mixture of many other fluids.
  • So, here are some of the basic information about the replacement of the hydraulic fluid. There are many options out there, yes. But not all the options are worth using for.
  • Do not make yourself a fool by buying those incompatible oils or fluids which will do nothing but damage to your hydraulic machine.
  • While substituting the hydraulic fluid, try to follow our instructions as they are provided just for your convenience!

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