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Air tools are machines that are largely driven by air pressure. This demonstrates that air tools are air-powered and compressed by air compressors. Machines that run air tools are known as air compressors. These devices are powered by electricity, gasoline, or even diesel.

When it comes to choosing an air compressor for your air tools, the concept of power also comes. And this is linked to size, capacity, PSI, CFM, and other factors. There are many brands and manufacturers who will provide you with the best products.

However, it is not easy to mention all the brands out there.  But we will show you the relevancy of the attributes which you can check in those brands and more. This could help you to get your desired air compressor.

In conclusion, the need for a compressor, as well as its other features, is completely defined by its consumers.

  • As we have mentioned it earlier that, we are not going to mention all the brands out there. We will let you know about the key features which will make you find the best air compressor for you.
  • First of all, the CFM, it stands for Cubic Feet per Minute. It is the indication of how much air you compressor can supply in terms of using an air tool.
  • A good air compressor must have at least 2 CFM. It is to be mentioned that there are compressors with 0 CFM too. It all depends on the requirements of the user. We stated 2 CFM as the minimum level to execute the simplest of air works without any issues.
  • Compressors like Craftsman CMXECXA0200341 can be your choice. It has a bit more than 2 CFM at 90 PSI, and is ideal for home purposes.
  • The PSI indicated the amount of pressure your compressor can produce. It varies from compressor to compressor, work to work. However, for minimum requirement to execute all the mid-level air works, we suggest to have at least 70-90 PSI.
  • The size of the cylinder also determines the class of a compressor. Big cylinders allow you to have more air to work. A big bored air compressor like WEN 2289 has bigger cylinders. These compressors are mostly used for factory purposes and so on.

Although, they can be used for personal purposes too, you won’t need such a big compressor for your home tools.

  • Other attributes include the HP, power supply, the quality of hose, longevity and many more. We have said that we are not going to mention all the possible brands that have these attributes. We just have stated the common characteristics of a ‘good’ air compressor.
  • All you have to do is just try to look for these attributes in a compressor. Keep in mind that there is a vast collection of good air compressors.

We simply cannot mention a few to demean others. Rather, we put this easy responsibility upon you to look for those attributes that we’ve mentioned above. These attributes have made them the best air compressors.

How many types of Air Compressors are there?

In the world of automobile, the air compressor is the most used tool worldwide. It is so handy and useful that no automobile workshop is complete without an air compressor.

These are durable, reliable and long lasting metal machines. these can help you out doing many hard jobs like tire inflating, nailing, and spray painting and so on.

There are many types of air compressors. Depending upon the size, need and ability; air compressors vary. There are-

  • small to large air compressors,
  • low CFM to high CFM air compressors,
  • garage air compressors,
  • factory air compressors and many more.

Here is an extend description of them:


Based on size, there are many air compressors. You can start with small 6 gallon air compressor for backyard to huge 60 gallon air compressor for multipurpose use.  The size of the compressor varies from owner to owner, need to need.

You can choose a big air compressor if you have bigger workstation. Or you can simply buy a small one for personal uses.

For bigger purposes, a nice 60 gallon air compressor will work just fine. These compressors are seen in the automobile workstation where heavy tools like dye grinder, impact wrench works. These tools need more air to generate power for them to work.

Power Supply

For painting, you can have a 10 gallon air compressor. It will work just fine. Generally, spray painting requires gas powered air compressors as spraying is an outdoor work. And you cannot have electricity in outdoor; not always. For that, these gas powered air compressors are a good choice.

If you want to work with electricity, you need to have knowledge about the best air compressor for painting cars. Bostitch and Hitachi offers you some of the best air compressors or painting only! You can check them out as they are available in a really convenient price.


In term of portability, compressors can be divided into two parts, portable and fixed. Portable air compressors mean those compressors which you can carry everywhere. Generally, portable air compressors are for personal uses.

Pancake compressors are the most well recognized portable air compressors. They are easy to use and carry and handy enough. These are about 30 gallons.

Fixed air compressors are large and they cannot be moved anywhere. You can find them in the semi-large factory sites. These compressors start with 80 gallons or so. For heavy works like using impact wrenches, dye grinding and even cleaning massive carpets; these compressors are used worldwide.


Workload is another criterion that shows us the variety of air compressors. In an average workstation, the air compressors used are not so big. These compressors are handy, powerful and durable.But they are not built to take heavy loads, nor to work long hours at a stretch.

For that, heavy workload air compressors are suggested. These compressors are only seen in the manufacturing sites where tougher, bigger and heavier works are done. Such works include heavy dye-grinding, inflating lorry tires in assembly lines, and using huge jack hammers, impact-wrenches and so on.


Last but not the least, pricing. The price of air compressors varies from compressor to compressor all depending upon the size, providences, facilities and other criteria. For average uses, smaller air compressors can be found in the market in around 60 bucks.

As for air compressor combo kits, the price might rise a bit. Generally, you can have an air compressor combo kit in around 80 bucks. However, the larger air compressors can cost around 200-300 dollars depending upon the size and facilities.

What are the activities to use air compressor?

For using an air compressor, you have to take some things into account. There are a set of rules to run an air compressor. That also includes your knowledge about what kind of air compressor you need for your work. It can be inflating, grinding or painting.

Another question can pop up in your mind. That is how much CFM you actually need for a certain job to be done. All these and more can make you feel confused. Let us have a look what activities are required to run use an air compressor.

A good air compressor has all the parts being tested. However, the first thing you need to know is to check all the parts and connect them. You can do it effortlessly following the instructions of the user manual.

You can use pliers and wrenches to connect the parts and check the frequently before moving on to the next part.

Once you’ve connected and fitted all the parts, you need to check that if all parts are working or not. Small air compressors are relatively easier to check as there is not much complexity.

Look for any issues, and if you find nothing, you can move on to the next step.

To start the compressor, you need to check the intakes. Also check the power supply if it is a corded air compressor, the valve joints and the hose. For impact wrench, you need to check the intakes frequently.

This is because it is a high CFM work and needs more air in the compressor to successfully do it.

If you have a gas powered air compressor, you need to check the gas tanks carefully. Cause it is the primary source of power for the compressor to run. Check the splinters and the ring of the joints often and look if there is any leak or not.

Once you have checked all these, you can start the compressor. It is to be mentioned that you should start from lower CFM and then gradually increase the power level.

It is because, if you start with higher power, there is a chance that your air tool might blow up. So, be patient and work accordingly.

We’re talking about small to medium sized air compressors here as the larger compressors are mostly handled by the professionals. If you want to spray paint a car, you can choose air compressor for home uses.

To paint a car manually, simply start the compressor and connect it with the painter. Now, let the air pressure do the work.

Inflating tires and other day to day activities are easily done by these medium and small air compressors. Once you have done your work successfully, put your compressor aside. And carefully disconnect it from the power supply if it has any.

Pull out the hose from the air tool and let the compressor rest in a nice cold and dry place.

This is how an air compressor is used for air works. All you need is to buy one that meets your needs.

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