VLAIR 300P vs 400P


VLAIR 300P vs 400P

The two of the most prominent off-road air compressors are the VLAIR 300P and 400P. These two compressors have won the heart of the off-road enthusiasts and both of them are suggested by the professionals worldwide. There are some similarities and some key differences between these two compressors.

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Considering the fact that these are one of the best off-road air compressors, you can easily choose any one of them. However, the details must be taken into account! For the reason, we suggest you to go below where we help you to have an elaborated look on both of these compressors and choose yourself.

VIAIR 300P Portable Air Compressor

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If you’re an off-road maniac, then this product is just for you. This electric corded air compressor is ideal for any sort of off-road vehicle, including SUVs, rally cars, bikes, sedans and regular off-road pickup trucks.

However, they are not made for larger truck tires. This off-road compressor uses a DC non-oiled motor which is pretty handy and it produces less sound, which is ideal too.

You can inflate all tires within the 35”-42” range. One of the key features of this product is that it is not like most other compressors, which do not allow you to refill and check the pressure at the same time. For example, Dewalt air compressor does not have the feature of checking the pressure while in the middle of the operation.

You either turn off the compressor to check it, or you finish inflating first and then check it; which is clearly time-consuming. Vlair operates only if you pull the trigger of the switch gun.

This certainly saves your valuable time! Not just that, but a perfectly inflated tire can help you to have good mileage and thus it helps to save your money too! Moreover, the auto thermal protection technology gives you extra safety while working overtime.

This powerful compressor operates at 150 PSI and requires only 12 volts battery. The product is extremely portable, weighing only about 8 lbs. The overall duty cycle of this product is 33% at 100 PSI which is more efficient compared to most other compressors out there in the market, and that’s the reason you want this compressor in your toolbox! It can inflate a large 35” tire within just 15 minutes!

Also, at the rate of 2.40 cubic feet per minute, you won’t have to worry about time anymore, even if you have multiple wheels to inflate or deflate. As we have mentioned earlier that now you can check your pressure and inflate your tires at the same time, you get an inline 100 PSI pressure gauge which gives you the perfect error-free reading of the pressure. With the maximum amp limit of 30 AMPs, while having a 40 APMs built-in fuse, you don’t have to worry about safety any further.

The open-ended hose pipe is so durable that you can use this compressor in any weather. The manual is as simple as eating a piece of cake while providing the best service, and this allows you to have a hassle-free tire inflating experience even if you are not a professional. The product comes with a handy bag that contains some of the extra tools provided by the manufacturer just for your convenience. It has a set of battery clamps that are heavy-duty, a fuse holder, a vibration-reducing sand tray, and a set of inflation kits with 3 pieces.

Also, as this is a corded one, you get an 8’ power cord which increases the portability even more. You can have all these features fitting in your toolbox at just a reasonable price of $193.31 while saving $25!

VLAIR 400P Portable Air Compressor

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Suggested by professional off-road riders worldwide, the VLAIR 400p is one of those compressors which can escalate the level of your confidence even if you are not a professional. If compared to the VLAIR 300p, the 400p will be a few steps ahead in terms of power, durability, and overall performance.

However, there are many similarities between them. Both of the compressors are ideal for off-road territory. Like the 300p, the 400p is also suitable for vehicles like SUVs, sedans, cars, bikes, and 4*4 pickup trucks. Although, they are not made for those larger trucks just like the 300p. VLAIR 400p adds some special features to it, unlike 300p.

It has valves that are made with fresh stainless steel. The auto temperature reducing technology is being used just like the 300p one. What really will blow your mind is that the manufacturer has used alloyed Aluminum which is anodized to make the cylinders even firmer.

Both of the compressors have oil-less motors which allow you to have zero noise. This product can fit in any sort of environment. It doesn’t matter whether you are working in the cold or the scorching heat of the summer’s sun, the 400p will always provide you with the best service.

The extra feature of being moisture and dust resistance helps you not to have any maintenance break, which keeps your production speed smooth and continuous.

One of the many key features of the 400p is that it gives you a directly driven gearless motor, unlike most other compressors. Basically, it’s a type of motor with no extra gear and is connected directly to the axle of the vehicle. For instance, the Makita MAC5200 air compressor uses magnetic motors too but they use gears to connect them with the axle.

Gearless motors provide you with unadulterated power by not converting it with the help of the gears. Rather, they directly supply the power to the wheels of the vehicle. With a powerful motor, the manufacturer gives you very stable vibration reducers.

You can simply turn the machine on and start inflating tires right away! In terms of durability, VLAIR 400p will provide you with the ultimate service.

Although it has a similar duty cycle as the 300p one, you will have extra power and service in it which will keep you a few steps ahead of the others in the automobile production competition. With the maximum PSI of 150 and the ability to inflate up to 35” inches of tires, the 400p is a superior air compressor if compared to many others within this budget and power range. Unlike the 300p, it gives you a 120 PSI gauge.

The open-ended hose which is compatible with any sort of valve allows you to not get stuck at any certain point. A handy carry bag is provided which contains many other tools including battery clamps, an 8’ power cord, a fuse holder (inline), a tips book, and a user manual.

The product comes with a 1- year warranty provided by the manufacturer. You can have all these features for just $202.81.

Which One Is Best

Considering the fact that the 400p is a bit costlier than the 300p, there are other facts too which should be taken into account. Both compressors have many attributes in common. The difference lies in the service. The 300p will provide the same service at a cheaper price.

Also, there is a unique feature in the 300p that the 400p does not have and that is the switch gun technology which helps you to refill and check the pressure at the same time. So, in brief, the 300p is slightly ahead of the 400p to some extent.

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