Smittybilt 2781 vs VLAIR 400P Which One Best

Smittybilt 2781 vs VLAIR 400P

In terms of mass production rate and being a suitable competitor for the ultimate race of industrial prosperity, Smittybilt is one of a kind. With high end service merged with enormous power, this brand gives you all that you want! Smittybilt 2781 can be the very compressor that you have been looking for.

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Compared to the VLAIR 400P, this one offers far more features in a very reasonable price. VLAIR is also a prominent compressor which can be your desired one. However, it is up to you to choose. Read the detailed version down below and take your next step!

Smittybilt 2781 Air Compressor

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Gather around production and industrial workers! This particular air compressor is specially built for heavy duty and overtime cases. With a big air containing capacity of 72 liters along with larger CFM volume of 5.56, this compressor can help you to cure the ache of not having something for mass production. There are not many brands out there in the market which can be compared with this.

Been successfully ruling the automobile market for over half of a century, Smittybilt has been satisfying its off-road customers pretty well. However, there are many other brands which are continuously faking their names with Smittyblit and adulterating the market.

Our suggestion for you is to look for the authentic one with the identical attributes which are unlike other brands. Air-up or air-down, it doesn’t really matter on which you are up to.

This compressor gives you the liberty of inflating and deflating tires at various levels. Be it a SUV, car or a bike; the compressor works just fine with all of them. Also, Jeeps and 4*4 pickup trucks’ tires can also be inflated easily with this compressor though it is not compatible with larger truck tires. The manufacturer has used an oil-less direct driven motor which generates 1/3 horse power. This compressor has 40% of duty cycle which is a bit longer than most others in this budget and power range.

For instance, if you check the comparison between Makita mac5200 Review VS Dewalt d55146, you will see that they have no difference in terms of their cycle of duty. Also, you can check the Best Bostitch VS Dewalt VS Craftsman Air Compressor article and see for yourself that Smittybilt is giving you what is not common at all! Longer duty cycle means more production with efficiency. And that is what the manufacturer focuses on.

The product is so lightweight weighing only about 20 pounds. This makes it ultra-portable. You might be thinking that there are many compressors with less weight so why this? The answer is, you don’t get portability and power at the same time like this one.

The compressor has a built in temperature reducing technology which allows you to avoid any sort of accidents and reduces the rate of causing any harm to the machine. The maximum PSI range is 150 with a 150 PSI reading gauge which shows you the exact amount of pressure and keeps you updated with the operation. A 24 feet long coil hose is provided which is easily removable and it has valves to connect properly with the tires. With this power, you will need something to keep it safe. For that, an inline fuse of 30 AMPS is provided. A spacious carry bag is given which contains extra tools including battery clamps, vibration reducers and a user manual. You will get a warranty of 1 year as after-purchase service about which Smittybilt is aware.

It’s not only about just selling, but also about providing the best service possible which is rare. The price of this product is very reasonable. You can get this for just $187.

VLAIR 400P Air Compressor

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The VLAIR 400P is a one of a kind compressor that is highly recommended by numerous off-road riders across the world. With magnificent features, it can elevate your confidence level even if you’re a beginner. In terms of power, durability, and overall performance, the VLAIR 400p will be a few steps ahead of the VLAIR 300p. They do, however, share a lot of characteristics in various points.

Both compressors are excellent for use in driving on off-road environments. The 400p, like the 300p, is suited for SUVs, sedans, automobiles, motorcycles, and 4×4 pickup trucks. They are not, however, designed for heavier vehicles such as the 300p. Unlike 300p, VLAIR 400p includes several unique features.

It has valves made of stainless steel that are brand new. As with the 300p, the auto temperature reduction technology is used. What will truly astound you is the manufacturer’s usage of alloyed aluminum that has been anodized to make the cylinders considerably stronger. Both compressors use oil-free motors, meaning that they are practically noiseless.

This product can be used in a variety of settings. The 400p will always supply you with the best service, even if you are operating in the freezing cold or the searing heat of the summer sun. The additional characteristic of being humidity and dust resistant eliminates the need for servicing, allowing you to maintain a smooth and consistent output rate.

Unlike the other available compressors in the market, the 400p has a directly controlled gearless motor, which is one of its many essential advantages. It’s a sort of motor that has no extra gear and also is attached directly to the vehicle’s axle. Magnetic motors are also used in the Makita MAC5200 air compressor, although they are connected to the axle through gears.

By avoiding transmitting power through gears, gearless motors supply you with raw power. Rather, they provide direct power to the wheels of your vehicle without any inconvenience. The manufacturer offers highly reliable vibration reducers accompanied by a powerful motor. You may begin inflating tires immediately by turning on the machine!

VLAIR 400p will supply you also with excellent services in terms of durability. Even though it possesses an identical duty cycle to the 300p, it has more power and efficiency, allowing you to stay many a steps ahead of its competitors in the vehicle manufacturing industry. The 400p is a great air compressor when contrasted to the other compressors within this price and power range, with a maximum PSI of 150 and the ability to inflate up to 35″ inches of tires. It has a 120 PSI gauge, unlike the VLAIR 300p.

The open-ended hose that works with just about any type of valve, guarantees that you don’t get stranded at any point. Numerous tools are included in a goodie bag, such as heavy-duty battery clamps, an 8′ power cord, an inline fuse holder, a book containing useful tips, and a user handbook. The manufacturer also offers a one-year guarantee.

For only $202.81, you can enjoy all of the abovementioned benefits by just adding up $9.5 and going for 400p.

Which One Is Best?

As we have talked about the VLAIR 400p before, you might know its details. But for your convenience we are helping you to differentiate between these two. VLAIR 400p has good power and technology. But if we consider the price, then it’s not something that you will want if you have Smittybilt.

Compared to VLAIR 400p, this one has the ability to easily convince a consumer with its price and service. Similar differences can be seen in the Best BOSTITCH Air Compressor vs Best Porter Cable Air Compressors. With that said, Smittybilt will be the one to be chosen.

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