How Much Does a Small Air Compressor Cost



In the vast variety of air compressors, the first stage in covered up with the mini or small air compressors.  These portable yet handy compressors are ideal for someone who has started to work with his air tools. Need to mention here that even small air compressors have huge diversity.

So, you might get confused with each of their attributes. The price range here is a crucial fact. because, in order to buy your desired compressors, you have to spend some bucks! We can guide you to get the perfect product that stays within your budget.

  • There are some types of portable air compressors and the price differs on the basis of their features. That includes reciprocating compressors like XINLEI, single and double piston compressors, rotary and gas powered compressors. You can even talk about electric compressors and many others.
  • The basic portable compressor with a tank of 10-15 gallons can cost you around $200-250. This is not certain because not all companies offer you the same features. There are some brands which provide you with some additional features. And you might need to spend a bit more, for that.
  • The HP is another factor that determines the price of a compressor. The simplest portable mini compressors generally have 2 HP max. If the manufacturer does not give you anything special, it will cost you around $80-90.

There are cheaper compressors too which only have the very basic features and do not offer anything more. These compressors will cost you $60-70 and less.

  • If a compressor gives you 120-150 or more PSI level, it might cost you a bit more than $200. Because, the PSI level is such an important aspect that it determines the level class of your compressor.
  • Compressors like the Craftsman CMXECXA0200141A, has a bit more HP than the regular small ones. It gives you 3/4 HP and 135 PSI with the oil free technology. This costs $192 due to its extra features and increased horse power.
  • If you are having a mini compressor that yields about 6+ HP. If you need more than 10 gallons of capacity with 170+ PSI, it will cost you a bit more.

Although these compressors are stated as ‘mini’, they have those additional features which many of the bigger compressors do not. They will cost you around $1200-1800!

  • For a portable rotary screw compressor with a 30 gallon tank, 175+ PSI and yields about 12HP, it will cost around $2000. This type of compressors is small yet highly efficient in terms of performance, durability and service.

As a guide, we assure you that your money won’t be wasted if you buy something like this within this budget.

  • A mini portable compressor can execute the tasks perfectly and sometimes more than expected if the right item is bought. Do not fool yourself buy considering them something incapable. The professionals suggest you to buy a mini compressor at first and gradually upgrade according to your needs!

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