How much psi do nail guns need


Nail guns have been used in a variety of woodworking and finishing activities. These things work by injecting pressurized air into the tool and firing a set of nails into the wood. Using traditional hand nails and hammers is slower, dangerous and rather difficult.

Nail guns can be referred to as a propelled hammer which enhances efficiency by a factor of ten as opposed to hammering nails manually. Cabinet assembly and trim installation is usually done with a finish nail gun. These are designed to drive 16 and 18 gauge nails.

Finish nail guns can be run using either compressed air or batteries. However, air compressors are rather handy and much convenient in terms of running a tool. As necessary, the nail gun draws air from the container. When the volume in the storage tank falls below a certain level, the compressor kicks on to reinstate air.

Here are some things you should know before working on the PSI levels of nail guns.

  • Differing nail gun applications and types demand varying air pressures, which can be controlled at the compressor, which also holds the compressed air.
  • The unit of measurement for PSI is pounds per square inch (or pound force per square inch). The majority of air-powered tools demand 70 to 90 PSI. Nail Guns like Hitachi NT65MA4 can provide you with this requirement.
  • Any compressor of light to medium capability can certainly manage 90 PSI, but the operator should still ensure the supply of more airflow than what is actually required.
  • Make sure to get a compressor with extra capacity. A good target is 50% more.
  • Always keep a PSI rating in mind while working.  The tool will not work properly if you do not provide ample air volume. If you use excessive pressure, the tool may get ruined.

Nail guns come I different names and capacities according to their functions. Be sure to know of those types and their PSI before making your pick.

Framing Nail Gun

These nail guns generally use 3 to 3½ inch nails which are pushed into framing studs throughout the basic framing process. Hence, they demand the maximum air pressure. Air pressure for this purpose tend to range from 130 to 100 psi.

Finish Nail Gun

When there is no crown on the nail, these guns are utilized. A finish nail gun can be used to make a really tiny opening that can be readily covered with wood putty and is undetectable. The 16 gauge finish nail gun can have a pressure range of 120 to 60 psi. Stronger woods, such as maple, demand more pressure, such as pine.

Roofing Nail Gun

The air pressure for a roofing nail gun is between 100 and 90 psi. Because embedding the roofing nail too thoroughly or too shallowly may shorten the life of the roof, it’s critical to get the pressure just right. Makita AN454 can be your choice in terms of roofing.


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