How much PSI do I need for Framing Nailer


How much PSI do I need for Framing Nailer

If you are into framing job and struggling to use your framing nailers just because you don’t know how much pressure you need to execute the job perfectly, then this is for you. Framing basically refers to adjust any sort of wooden structure in order to make the lines fine and even. Also, they are inevitable to keep things stick together; firmly. There are some crucial facts which you should consider in order to know more about the framing basics.

  • Firstly, you should know that framing nailers are the most pressure consuming air tools. It is because they use 3-3.5-inch nails to drill the construction studs. Although these nails can be inserted with the help of a manual hammer, considering the fact of productivity, you won’t stay a chance against the framing nailers.
  • The framing nailer is a type of tool which can insert nails at a great velocity and pressure. The most powerful nailer so far has inserted nails at 134 FPS (feet per second). This velocity requires great pressure and consistency.
  • The ideal PSI differs from nailer to nailer. It will never be appropriate if we declare a random digit which you will consider as the ideal PSI.
  • With that being said, the PSI level of nailers totally depends on the overall compatibility of the nailer. If you have a nailer which can drive 2” nails, the perfect PSI would be around 75-85. And if the CFM level also comes after that; a 2.3 CFM air compressor would be just fine. You can choose the Bostitch F21PL, this compressors are beginner friendly.
  • By now, you have already known that the required PSI level depends on the capacity, performance and the power of the framing nailer. It gradually increases with the capability of the nailer.
  • If you have a slightly bigger and more powerful nailer than the previous one, you will need more PSI. For a mid-level nailer, you need an air compressor with the air containing room of 6 gallons, and a PSI level of 90-110.
  • For a big and heavy-duty nailer which is made for industrial purposes, you will need more pressure. a compressor of 6-9 gallons and 120 PSI would be ideal for this type of nailer. It is because this nailer will drive 3-3.5/4-inch nails, and this requires rigid and continuous pressure.
  • There are nailers for other purposes too. That include sheathing, roofing etc. The requirement of PSI differs according to the needs.
  • A roofing nailer requires a compressor of about 4.5-5 CFM with the PSI level of 90; such as the WEN 61783. On the other hand, a sheathing nailer requires a compressor of 6.25-7.25 and about 90-110 PSI.
  • We repeat, the requirement of PSI solely depends on these aforementioned factors. As we have said that there is no specific number of PSI which will determine the required PSI level in general, but these facts affect the number.
  • For the reason, we suggest you give a glance to this section and get the perfect compressor with the accurate PSI level that your framing nailer needs!

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