How Much PSI Do I Need For Air Tools



The term PSI stands for Pound Per Square Inch or to be more specific, Pound-Force Per Square Inch. PSI is an indication of amount of pressure that has been implied on a surface of a specific space.

Generally, this measuring unit is used for automobile tools such as air compressors, tires, paint guns, fuel distribution management systems. This is also for petroleum objects. As we have said earlier that this unit is used for air tools.

It means that some air tools like vacuum cleaner, sprayer, tire inflator and others require a certain amount of PSI. It is needed in order to execute its job properly. You need enough PSI to gather air and compress it for lateral purposes.

Here are some of the more insights regarding this topic.

  • Let’s start from the smaller air tools like grinders, jack hammers, air brushes etc. These tools do not require a high amount of PSI because these tools are for comparatively simple purposes. A regular sized jack hammer drill requires more or less 90-110 PSI to drill perfectly.
  • A grinder and an air brush require even less. A regular grinder only requires 70 PSI to run smoothly and an air brush doesn’t need more than 40 PSI! Sine we are not going to discuss about CFM, let’s move on to bigger air tools!
  • For a big impact wrench, you will need a compressor that can operate about 110PSI of pressure. It is because the impact wrench is a comparatively heavy air tool and is used in most of the manufacturing workshops.

To allow an impact wrench to execute its work perfectly, you need an air compressor like DeWalt DXCMPA1982054. It is an absolute stunner for the impact wrenches and provides more than enough PSI for the tool.

  • For heavy duty purposes like inflating or deflating huge truck or lorry tires, you will need a big compressor with huge digit of PSI. Generally, these types of work requires bigger tired inflators. And the required PSI level is at least 150!
  • For that, compressors like VIAIR 450P-RV provides you 150 PSI without any effort. And you will experience smooth inflating and deflating service from this compressor.
  • The average PSI level to run air tools should be within 90-130 PSI. It is because most of the air tools require PSI within this range. Although, there are some tools which need more PSI than the average, we have discussed about it earlier.
  • The professionals suggest you to have a compressor that is not less than 90 PSI. And at the same time do not exceed 150 PSI (max). If you are working with these air tools, the aforementioned PSI level is more than enough.
  • Do not buy a massive compressor and leave it in the backyard. You are wasting your money on nothing. 90-130 PSI is the ideal number for such numerous air tools. For instance, air brush, jack hammers, die grinders, nailers, paint guns and more.

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