Why you choose pancake air compressor combo kit

Why you choose pancake air compressor combo kit

There are many air compressors out there: small, medium, semi-large and large air compressors.

Depending on their shape and the other criteria, the automobile industry has used some code names. Hence, both the customer and the manufacturers can have an easier way to detect the product.

The pancake is a term used in the automobile sector for air compressors.

This term is used because these compressors are small, easy to carry and looked just like pancakes. It is to be mentioned that there is no connection with the pancake other than its size and shape.

Within a concise period of time, the pancake air compressor has won the hearts of customers. These air compressors come with a combo kit. We will tell you why you should choose a pancake air compressor combo kit amongst many others out there.

  • Pancake air compressors are small and easy to carry. That means, pancake air compressors are super-portable and they can be found in every automobile shops or outlets worldwide. So, you don’t have to wait for a piece for many days.
  • Pancake compressors are handy and stable. They serve according their prices. It’s like you will never be disheartened with their service.
  • Amongst many other pancake shaped air compressors, the Dewalt air compressor combo kit comes with a set of extra tools. And these extra tools escalate the level of your productivity. Also, as a pancake compressor, it is very easy to use, carry and handle.
  • You can check the This combo kit has 18 gauge brad-nailers with which you can easily press nails for your framing and fencing jobs. Also, this combo kit comes with the best air hose pipes.
  • Pancake compressors are small (1 gallon) but these compressors can execute bigger tasks compared to its size. Works like tire inflating-deflating, impact wrench (only 3/8 inch) and vacuum cleaners can be used by these compressors.
  • For household purposes, these small compressors are the best. They are cheap, handy and beneficial and most of all, these compressors are of great value.
  • Another example of pancake compressor is the Craftsman CME3KIT. This combo kit has the same attributes as the previous one. There are not much mentionable differences.
  • Small pancake air compressors use air efficiently and these compressors have more longevity than you ever expected.
  • Ultra quiet and eco-friendly air compressors which you can easily set at either your backyard or garage.
  • The professionals suggest you to have a pancake compressor instead of something else for small work purposes. Because these compressors are cheaper; your money will not be wasted.
  • The best of the pancake air compressor combo kits is their usefulness and the ability to work more than required. It is surprising to see such small compressors doing bigger works. The ideal choice for household works.

So, grab your first pancake compressor with its additional kits if you haven’t already!

Benefits of pancake air compressor combo kit

Amongst many other air-compressors, the Pancake air compressor is one of the most referred air compressors by the professionals worldwide. These compressors have all the necessary tools that you can use for many purposes.

From nailing to painting, inflating to bushing, Pancake compressors are handy. Here are some of the benefits of having a Pancake air compressor.


The first thing is the longevity. As you know that there aren’t many brands which can provide you what they say. In this case, Pancake compressors are one step ahead of others.

These compressors are named after its shape which resembles the shape of a pancake. These are made of carbon fiber, which last longer than anything else.

Perfect for Painting

Spray painting is one of the hardest tasks as it requires perfect spreading of color. In this context, Pancake compressors are your savior. These are easy to carry and the intakes of these compressors are specially built to spread even air.

So, without any doubt you can say that these are the best air compressors for spray painting.


We have mentioned it earlier that Pancake compressors are made in a shape of an actual pancake.There is a reason behind making these in such way.

The base of these compressors is so rigid and well balanced that you won’t feel any hassle while carrying it. It’s like carrying an actual pancake machine!

Gas Powered

There are many compressors that use electricity as primary source of power; Pancake air compressors are slightly different here.

The manufacturers have use gas to power it and this makes these compressors ideal for outdoor usages. Electric compressors are perfect for indoor stuff, while gas powered air compressors are fit for both.

Size Flexibility

The size is one of the most crucial facts in term of setting up a workstation. It is because, you can have a plan of making a bit site, but you’re lacking in compressor size.

Pancake compressors are available in all sizes for small to semi-large settings. The 6 gallon pancake air compressorcan be your savior for this.

Energy Saving

In the world both natural and artificial energy sources are in the edge of its end. So, we need tools that can save energy. Pancake compressors are the best choice if you want to save energy.

As they are gas powered, these compressors work pretty well in all conditions, saving a ton of energy for future.

Best for Multipurpose

Pancake air compressors are the fittest for all types of air work. The size, the shape and the overall outlook of these compressors are eye-catching. At the same time, they meet the needs of the customers.

For spray painting, you can carry it everywhere. For tire inflating or deflating, you can do the same.

In terms of some comparatively heavy works, these are just fine. For dye grinding, you can use them easily. The air intake and the release of these compressors are so well built that you will face no hassle while washing carpets, floors and so on.

The Game Changer

Also, in bad weather conditions, these compressors are very handy. As they are gas powered, you will have no problem using them if there is no electricity. Also, in the roughest of weathers, you can take these outside and work smoothly. Remember, the gas powered system is the game changer.

All in all, the Pancake air compressors are the perfect fit in this era of automobile sector. The built quality, the service and the after-purchase conveniences provided by the manufacturer is awesome. All these have made them the best air compressor for automotive air tools.

How to maintain pancake air compressor combo kit

The best way to manage an air compressor combo kit- or any other assets is usually by following user manual. Some folks never even skim the documentation before using anything! You can get advice in handbook, for instance, if you need to know if more CFM is preferable or not.

To be more specific, suppose you don’t know how much SCFM you need to run a tool.Oryour compressor is jammed, and you cannot access to its control.

Most of the users will run after the customer care centers. But all the instructions are being already given in the user manual. Simply follow it without panicking!

Vent Cleaning

The regular usage of your compressor causes the intake ports to frequently get dusty. Dust particles are common at construction sites.As the compressor vibrates against ground, they launch themselves into the air and are easily able to enter the vent.

Tools with good vibration, like the Porter Cable air compressor combo kit, are well-known.

Not all compressors vibrate in the same way.Devices like Bostitch, VLAIR, Craftsman air compressor combo kit, and many more, may nevertheless provide a powerful force. For that, you need to clean your HVAC equipment at least each week or so. A blocked intake won’t be pleasant for you.

The Bolts

Being one of the most important parts of an air compressor, these metal pieces maintain the entire frame together. If the bolts and nuts are not tightened, you may notice that your compressor is deteriorating with time.

Air compressor combo packages like Pancake, for example, come with high-performance bolts. Yet you really should be certain to check them periodically since vibration during operation might be significantly affected by loose-nuts.

But be careful not to over-tighten the nuts or bolts. It may stop the spiral from tightening and make things even worse rather than fairer.

Tankard Maintenance

You might be unaware about the size of fuel tank your air compressor needs. According to us, it all depends on the variation. For instance, to paint a car,the bigger Pancake ones give you bigger tanks that can contain more fuel.

It’s important to clean the gas tank, and that should be your first concern.

Fuel particles might seriously destroy your air compressor. A malodorous condition within the compressor is the very last thing you want since it’ll lower the compressor’s overall effectiveness. Drain all of the fuel and oil from tank, and then vacuum up any leftover lubricants using a wet-dry system.

Gauge Monitoring

The subject of how much PSI is required for air tools, is one that is frequently posed. Everything is different, as we’ve already mentioned. The pressure gauges are the most crucial parts of a compressor. To take accurate measures, your gauges must be faultless.

With CFM, the same is true. For instance, you have no notion how much CFM you’re consuming when inflating or deflating tires. If your meters aren’t accurate, you’re terribly messed up! For such, the gauge monitors need to be checked often.

These sensors collect data on pressure and analyze it to provide you updates. All that is required is routine sensor inspection. If you realize that they are not operating as intended, just replace them with new ones.

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