Makita MAC5200 Air Compressor Review



Makita MAC5200 Air Compressor

When moving around is the main part of your job, Makita MAC5200 Air Compressor should be your top pick amongst every high-power compressor. Highly compact in design, this one is as versatile as they come. For its unique build and functionality, it is very popular amongst super active jobholders such as carpenters.

Accompanied with industrial strength, prolonged durability as well as a wheel kit, Makita MAC5200 is another awesome addition and upgrade for your workstations and garages.

Makita MAC5200 Air Compressor Review

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Solely manufactured for professionals who know their way around the work, the compressor is a must if you are in a large crew of carpenters or automotive repairers or own a small boat building business of boatbuilding. Need help with the grinding and the tires of your vehicle? Then this little guy is just the one.

This machine can yield up to 6.5 CFM at 90, and even 6.4 CFM at 40 PSI. It also has an air compressor pressure switch to automatically control the on and off modes for the motor.

The unit is powered by a 3.0 (when running) horsepower motor. It draws 13.8 amps of electricity and rotates at 3420 RPM. Compared to its high performance, this compressor is quieter than most of its counterparts in the market. It produces only 90dBA of noise while running – keeping the noise pollution at an optimum level.

It contains one of the best and strongest 120v units, making it a versatile compressor for all the users around the world. This is also compatible with the standard 15A household fuses.

Its manufacturing brand, Makita, is well-known for its fantastic piston quality. The MAC5200 is also built with Makita’s wide bore cylinder piston pump that performs up to a dynamic level.

This cutting edge automotive pump has the ability to refill a 5.2 gallon air tank from 0 to 140 PSI, that is just enough for two nailers, in just 2 minutes. No more tediously standing by the pump and sighing at its slow motion performance.

It also has a pressure regulator that can be adjusted to your preferences – making it a fit for a vast array of regular usage tools. You can turn on the compressor even when it is empty. While filling up a tire, the pressure will rapidly rise.

The oiled lubricants used here ensure maximum utilization of power while actively resisting wear and tear – making it your perfect jobsite companion. It also maintains the internal heat and ensures a relatively cool interior as the machine runs.

There is a built-in roll cage construction meant for providing extra protection to the pump and motor ensembles. This design allows the machine to remain intact no matter how stressful or harsh the site environment turns out.

A good multi-stage filter/coalescing filter/dryer is required while paint jobs since the compressor generates a lot of water/oil mists. However, with proper setup on the moderate-usage draw tools, it works just fine.

With so large responsibilities to fulfill, this compressor is of a neat and small build. The Makita MAC5200 Air Compressor is very portable. It is mounted on a rugged steel frame. Its handle contains anti-slip rubber grip and can be smoothly folded anytime.

The large 8” pneumatic tires are a wonderful assistance in terms of easy transportation. It also has tool hangers and a built-in storage compartment for keeping air fittings and accessories safe.

One of the most handy features is an air hose wrap that can store up to 50 feet of 3/8-inch air hose (doesn’t matter whether the handle is folded or upright). Other interesting features include a tank drain valve that exceeds every existing petcock design for easier maintenance.

It also has a very useful oil drain and oil sight glass. The compressor also has industrial-grade air filters designed to provide better CFM output with copper finned discharge tubing to dissipate the heat without a hitch.


  •         The big bore cylinder is wider than most compressors with narrow bore.
  •         The lubricant oil usage is perfect for the pump to build internal pressure faster.
  •         Heating level is minimum compared to other compressors
  •         DIY task friendly
  •         Inner structure protects the engine from damage in a fall
  •         Strong and big wheels with a foldable handle and rubber grip
  •         Can withstand wear and tear
  •         Very much portable
  •         Compact design, convenient for all tasks and storage
  •         Steel built console panel works well for protecting the delicate parts in case of bumps
  •         Two 1/4″ air hoses have the ability to control two pneumatic tools simultaneously.
  •         Solid build, excellent durability
  •         Highest CFM rating
  •         Quiet compared to other compressors
  •         Compatible with 15A fuses.
  •         120v unit, versatile for all households
  •         One year parts and repair warranty


  •         Manual can be difficult to understand due to absence of diagrams
  •         Heavy in weight, difficult to uplift
  •         Limited range, extension cords cannot be used
  •         Can appear as costly for intermittent users

Buying Guide Makita MAC5200 Air Compressor

Makita MAC5200 Motor

Makita MAC5200 Air Compressor uses a 3.0 HP induction motor with 4 separate poles. This induction motor, unlike many other compressors, easily restocks big tanks in lesser time. Not only power, but the manufacturer also focused on the overall performance, and this collaboration of power and efficiency ensures long-lasting service in tough industrial situations.

Wounded wire-winding is a very common defect of the compressors. This happens when the manufacturers use cheap and thin aluminum or copper wire. This results in extreme heat generation and shorter service time. But Makita has used thick copper wire to avoid any of these fluctuations. These motors also have a built-in thermal overload to ensure maximum protection.

Makita MAC5200 Pump

Makita is the first one in the market to introduce you with the Big Bore technology. The aforementioned term is new to the customers that they tend to not buy this stuff having the fear of facing difficulties.

All the compressor pumps follow the principle of 3; piston, cylinder and connection rod. The idea can be simplified if compared to a medical syringe. The handle facing downwards inhales air which has rubber bulbs attached to it.

The upward facing nozzle diffuses air through the same tunnel. Unlike a syringe, these pumps have two openings; input and output. These openings refer to the connection rod of the syringe.

The pivotal moment arrives when the customer finds out that this ‘Bore’ thing is nothing but the empty space inside the cylinder. And these hollow like spaces are larger than regular size cylinders. The volume of the inhaling air is proportional to the size of the bore.

These big bore pumps can acquire greater volume of air in a single stroke. A regular sized pump can replenish a 5-gallon tank in about 2000 strokes. Makita’s Big Bore pumps can do the same with half of the strokes that the regular size required.

Makita used oil lubricant for the pumps. This helps to reduce the friction and declines any sort of heat generation. With lesser friction, these oil lubricated pumps run smoother and with more efficiency than most other pumps.

The Big Bored pumps inhale larger volumes of air and escalate the rate of productivity while being durable, making them the perfect fit for the industrial competition.

Makita MAC5200 Tank

In terms of the size of the reservoir, Makita has a big 5.2-gallon tank. You must have a bigger tank if you are to compete with other companies. The bigger the tank is, the higher your production rate will rise.

You can do any sort of industrial work with this tank. From basement finishing to crown-molding installment; from doors to walls framing and even tightening nuts including set carry away the lugged nuts, you can do everything within this tank size.

Performance of Makita MAC5200

In terms of performance, Makita MAC5200 Air Compressor does it really well. Operating at an overall pressure of 140PSI, it serves at 6.5CFM at 90PSI and 6.9CFM at 40 PSI individually which is more than enough for two nailers.

The roll-bar and the chassis are made with high performance steel with premium quality. The pistons, cylinder and pump along with the cover of the motor are made of high density cast-iron.

This cast-iron technology makes the whole machine long lasting, which is ideal for factory usages.

Makita MAC5200 Power Source

All of the Makita products are made while following the USA standard of power supply which is 15 amps. Makita MAC5200 operates at 13.8 amps and 120 volts which is ideal for your household usage.

You just need to be aware that no other devices are plugged into the same supply source while you’re using it.

Makita MAC5200 Decibels of Sound

Makita Big Bore series offers high performance while producing less noise. The MAC5200 produces 90dB of noise. If you are a professional then it should not be a big issue of having noise around you.

All those compressors out there in the market produce more noise within this size and motor power range. As a heavy-duty compressor, MAC5200 is considered as ‘More quiet’ than the others.

Makita MAC5200 Dimension and Portability

This machine weighs 75 pounds and is a kind of heavy unit to carry all the way.  But the rugged wheels along with the foldable handlebars have made it more than easy for you to transport. Don’t hanker after those cheap and lightweight stuff, they are of no service whatsoever.

The manufacturer has made it by following the lawn-roller theory of physics. It makes your pulling way more comfortable. So why lift the whole thing while you have all the facilities to carry it without any hassle?

Makita MAC5200 Additional Features

Makita MAC5200 will provide you with some extra benefits. Unlike many other compressors, Makita uses rugged wheels instead of regular wheels. It allows you to move freely by following the simple ‘lawn roller’ rule of physics.

To see the oil level, the manufacturer provides you with an oil sight glass. The red mark shows the minimum required level of oil and you should not go below that line with the maximum oil capacity limit indicator.

This also shows you the usability of the oil. You should change your oil on the basis of your usage but not too often. Just remember to not turn the oil black.

The air filters, made by following the automotive industrial principle, restricts any sort of unusual particles to trespass into the machine. This technology helps your machine to not get jammed too soon. Also, the air intake system remains uninterrupted due to the presence of the filters.

Unlike many other manufacturers, Makita used an induction motor. The specialty of such motors is that they have an efficiency level of 80-95%. Different from synchronous motors, induction motors require only AC current; making it much more convenient for factory usages.

Makita used a lever handle 2 way ball valves instead of gate valves. Ball valves are ideal for controlling any fluid flow. It is to be mentioned that ball valves do not reduce the flow; they just help to control the flow with much more accessibility.

The finned discharge tubes made with pure stainless steel help to flutter excessive heat without any hassle. These fins are made with thick copper instead of plain copper; which other manufacturers do a lot unlike Makita.

The pressure gauges attached to the metal shows the pressure of tank the pressure of output

A small tool box is provided for storage purposes.

Warranty about Makita MAC5200 Air Compressor

Makita is so concerned about their after-sales services and also about customer satisfaction. If you buy a product and do not meet the eligibility of being satisfied, Makita ensures a 30 day return or refund facility.

All Makita products are thoroughly checked and free from defects. If a customer finds any sort of shortcomings and is able to inform the nearest Makita authorized service center, he/she will get free labor and repair support within the 1 year time span of the actual purchase.

Verdict of Makita MAC5200 Air Compressor

Makita MAC5200 air compressor is a complete package of power, performance and quality. You will never get all these aforementioned facilities within this budget range. But Makita has a soft corner for its customers. For this reason, the manufacturer is giving everything you want while being in the periphery of your convenience!

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