Is Bostitch the Same as Dewalt


Bostitch and Dewalt are two of the most prominent air compressors available in the market alongside many others. These two compressors are unique and have some subtle differences in terms of service, performance and overall criteria. As you are the one who needs the guideline about their features and all of that, it is our duty to let you know all the facts and insights about these compressors for your convenience.

What Do you Think Bostitch is the Same as Dewalt?

  • First of all you should know that both Bostitch and Dewalt are famous for their Pancake shaped compressors and mostly, they are called the Pancake compressors because of their round bottom shape.
  • Now, you should know about the pressure which is undoubtedly the most important part of an air compressor. The maximum pressure shows the maximum pressure handling ability of a compressor; more pressure means that the compressor can work with heavier tools. Dewalt here, will be a few steps ahead of any other compressors as it has the ability to build more pressure than the others, such as Dewalt DWFP55126.
  • As for the CFM measurement, it tells us how much air can flow through the compressor in a period of time. The higher the CFM rating is, the more air it passes. Most pancake shaped compressors have the CFM level of 2.5-3.0.
  • All the pancake compressor comes with the capacity of 6 gallons. You won’t find any difference in this criteria whatsoever. And this size is more than enough for mid-level works for household purposes and small workshops.
  • Pancake compressors are mostly for small aperture workshops and household purposes. For the reason they do not produce too much sound. Most pancake air compressor produce about 60 dB sound and it is not enough to call it ‘noise’. So, you won’t have to face any issues while working at your backyard workshop or anywhere else.
  • Mobility or portability are the keywords for pancake air compressors. These compressors are light enough to carry anywhere and do not consume more space at all. Bostitch air compressors, notably Bostitch BTFP02012, are ultra-light weight than any other pancake air compressors. You can easily take them to anywhere near or far without causing a chaos!
  • Pancake compressors mostly have oil-free pumps. These pumps are ideal because you don’t have to spend ages in terms of maintenance issues as oil-free pumps are the best choice if you hate maintenance.
  • The PSI level is another crucial fact if you are talking about compressors. Bostitch air compressors have slightly more PSI level than Dewalt. The difference is not notable but since you need to know it, it is only 2-5 PSI difference, which is not a big deal!
  • In terms of build quality, both Bostitch and Dewalt are in a knee to knee position. Their sturdy and rigid design with premium quality hose pipe and maximum utilization of technology make them ideal.
  • Both have almost the same features, just a little change in certain parts. As a guide, we cannot lure towards any one of these brands but give you an idea. It is totally up to you to choose any one of them.
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