Is Bostitch or Porter Cable better?



Bostitch and Porter Cable, two of the most prominent air compressor brand of the automobile sector. They have some of the best featured air compressors which many of the other brands don’t have in their collection.  Both of the brands have some basic things in common and some key differences.

In terms of air compressing and many other air works, undoubtedly, these two brands will pop in our minds. Both Bostitch and Porter Cable are undisputed air compressing kings. This short yet exploratory guide will help you to know more about these two manufacturers and let you decide to choose one.

  • Bostitch is not just an air compressor brand but they also produce lots of air compressor tools. To be more specific, thy produce air compressor combo kits. Their combo kits have all the necessary things that you will need order to execute an operation perfectly.
  • They’ve compressor of all sizes, from small to large. From 3 gallon mini compressor to 10 gallon big bore compressors. For beginners, compressors like BOSTITCH BTFP02012 is the ideal one. It’s an oil free 6 gallon, 150PSI compressor which is handy for all types of small to medium air works.
  • Bostitch compressor have an attribute to be mentioned, that is, these compressors are quiet! Most of the compressors produce less than 70 dB of sound. This is ideal for household purposes as you don’t want to disturb your neighbors at any cost.
  • All the compressors are easily manageable, free to use and user friendly. Also, these compressors have longer lifetime. So, you don’t have to spend much on it.
  • In terms of price, Bostitch compressor are just fine. The manufacturer have a certain plan for its customers. All of the Bostitch products can be found in convenient price at any automobile shop.
  • On the other hand, Porter Cable is another famous air compressor brand as we have mentioned earlier. This brand is mostly known for their pancake and large air compressors. The pancake compressors are handy and ideal for the beginners to give a spark to their small workstations.
  • The semi-large air compressors of Porter Cable are ideal for mid-level air tools like 3/8” impact wrench and jack hammers. Also ideal for drills and mini die grinders. Compressors like Porter Cable C2002 can be the best choice for these kinds of air works.

Although it is a pancake compressor, it is able to handle those impact wrenches smoothly.

  • It is to be mentioned that this brand also produces air accessories like hose, regulator, valves and many more.
  • The only downside of this compressor is that they produce a bit more sound than Bostitch. This is not a big deal for automobile sector as there is sound everywhere. These compressors produce more than 70 decibels of sound.
  • As both of the compressors are top class in terms of service, we cannot differ one from the other. And we cannot make one superior to another. It is up to you to choose as there are only some minor differences between these super good air compressors.

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