Husky vs Kobalt


Husky vs Kobalt

Two of the most promising air compressors in the off road terrain. The Husky 80 gallon and the Kobalt 80 gallon air compressor are the best of the bests out there in the market. When the world is running after those ultra-small air compressor, we suggest you to stick with this bigger ones.

The Kobalt and Husky air compressors are manufactured by following the principles of service and durability. This brief yet logically comparative article will give you all the subtle knowledge about these compressors. You can have the similar service from us in the Makita mac5200 Review VS Dewalt d55146 and Best BOSTITCH Air Compressors vs Best Porter Cable Air Compressors articles.

Husky 80 Gallon Air Compressor

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Campbell Hasufeld, more popular with the name of Husky, is an American manufacturer which produces air compressors for both on-road and off-road vehicles and also for industrial purposes. The manufacturer has a plan for the ones who are not professionals.

The compressor has a 240 volts power line capability which is certainly more than many other compressors out there in the market. This allows you to use it in various places where there is no power line issues. The compressor offers you to have a maximum PSI level of 175 which has the delivery level of 23 CFM approximately.

This sort of PSI level is not seen in most compressors, because the more the PSI level is, the more power it requires. But Husky has a different plan for this. With more PSI level, the manufacturer provides you the perfect power to run it smoothly.

The cast iron technology; the blessing of being able to handle tougher loads in a very little space, is used in this compressor to run the pump smoothly. The cast iron pistons work so smooth yet effectively that there is no hassle in terms of inflating or deflating tires. For heavy duty scenarios, the cast iron is the ultimate service provider with comfort.

Though nowadays there is a liking for oil less pumps, but Husky says different. They provide you a cast iron oil-planed pump that runs without making any noise. For air intake, the manufacturer has used Solberg intake filter which is ideal for factory usages and this filter eliminates all sorts of dust particles which are harmful for air compressors.

This compressor can work in all weathers. From the scorching summer to the freezing winter, this can provide you the ultimate service in all situations. Rust free stainless steel body assures you the durability and the powerful motor gives you maximum productivity.

If you are still afraid of using this compressor, we suggest you to not delay any further to have one and give it a shot!

As you can tell by the name that this is a massive 80 gallon air compressor which is about 300 liters, and you can hardly find compressors with such clinical features. Being an electric compressor, there are certain limits which most of the compressors cannot exceed.

But Husky has already reached beyond the limits. With its single phase 7.5 hp motor along with the corded electric ability has made it one of the best off-road and on-road air compressors if not the best one.

Other manufacturers like Makita MAC5200 Air Compressor and Dawalt Air Compressor will have some notable limitations in terms of power and service equilibrium. Whereas the Husky will always give you more than you can possibly imagine.

One of the key features of this air compressor is that it was built by following the space saving principles. Which means, this compressor will not require a larger space in order to operate. Rather, it is extremely portable weighing only about 540 pounds. Like other compressors, this also has a display gauge but the control panel service gives you the freedom of keeping eye on each and every actions which is going inside of the compressor.

So, you will have total control on the whole machine while having all the error free accurate readings. As we have mentioned it earlier that this compressor is made with cast iron, we meant about its durability.

This handy product will embrace your hands and provide all the services that you were missing from your previous compressor.

Some of the additional features of this product are that this one has globe valves which ae pre-plumbed, a magnetic starter (factory installed), a unique non-horizontal design and a pressure controlling switch.

It is to be mentioned that the gauges are in retro style rather than digital meters. It is because many digital gauges give you adulterated reading and that is not exactly what you are paying for. An air hose is provided which has built in valves in it and is leakage resistant.

So, for inflating or deflating any sort of on-road or off-road vehicles’ tires, Husky’s 80 gallon massive air compressor will come as a super handy product for you and the manufacturer’s assurance will never disappoint you.

Kobalt 80 Gallon Air Compressor

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The Koblat 80 gallon is a corded electric air compressor which is a demanding one in the market and can meet all of your needs without asking any questions! Suggested by the professionals worldwide this compressor is the perfect choice for those who are not even a professionals!

The manufacturer has a strategy in place for those who aren’t experts. The compressor can handle 220 volts of power, which is significantly more than many other compressors on the market.

This enables you to utilize it in a variety of locations where there are no power lines. The compressor allows you to have a maximum PSI of 155 and a delivery rate of roughly 20 CFM. Most compressors do not have this PSI level since the higher the PSI level, the more power it consumes.

Kobalt, on the other hand, has a different strategy in mind. The manufacturer supplies you with the perfect power to run it smoothly with a higher PSI level.  This compressor also uses cast iron technology to keep the pump running smoothly. Cast iron technology has the advantage of being able to manage heavier loads in a smaller space.

The cast iron pistons perform so smoothly and effectively that inflating and deflating tires is a breeze. Cast iron is the ultimate service provider with comfort in heavy-duty conditions. Though there is a trend toward oil-free pumps these days, Kobalt claims otherwise. They supply you with an oil-lubricated cast iron pump that runs quietly.

The manufacturer has employed a specialized intake filter for air intake, which is appropriate for factory use and eliminates all types of dust particles that are hazardous to air compressors. This compressor can be used in any weather condition.

This can supply you with the best service in any condition, from the sweltering summer to the cold winter. The rust-free stainless steel body ensures longevity, while the strong motor ensures optimum productivity.

If you’re still hesitant to use this compressor, we recommend that you get one right away and give it a try!

As the name implies, this is a gigantic 80 gallon air compressor with a capacity of roughly 300 liters, and compressors with such clinical features are hard to come by. Because it is an electric compressor, it has specific limitations that most compressors cannot exceed.

Kobalt, on the other hand, has already pushed the boundaries. Its single phase 7 hp motor, combined with its corded electric capability, has made it one of, if not the greatest, off-road and on-road air compressors.

There are other manufacturers which doesn’t really provide you such features in this budget range. Compressors like Makita MAC2500 Air Compressors and Dawalt Air Compressor are handy, but when it comes to the argument of service and price, Kobalt surely will be at the top. One of the most distinguishing qualities of this air compressor is that it was constructed using space-saving techniques.

As a result, this compressor will not require additional space to operate. It is, nonetheless, relatively compact, weighing only 540 pounds. This compressor includes a display gauge, just like other compressors, but the control panel service allows you to keep a watch on all of the actions that are taking place inside the compressor.

As a result, you will have complete control over the entire equipment, as well as all of the error-free, conclusive measurement. We stated before that this compressor is composed of cast iron, and we were referring to its durability.

This useful product will grip your hands and furnish all of the services that your former compressor lacked. This instrument has spherical faucets that are pre-plumbed, a magnetostrictive starter (factory installed), a revolutionary quasi design, and a pressure controlling switch, among other characteristics.

It’s worth mentioning that the gauges aren’t digital meters, but rather retro-styled. It’s because many digital gauges provide tampered readings, which isn’t what you’re paying for. An air hose is included, which has built-in valves and is leak-proof.

Koblat as an air compressor, will always provide you the service which you were lacking. Some say that this product is an underdog in terms of ruling the world market. But we say different. Kobalt has all the ability and even more to compete with the other brands in the market. You are just a few steps away from its service!

Which One Best

If we are to compare, to be honest there are no such notable difference in between these two air compressors. Both have the same capacity and almost the same power. The eye catching difference lies in their PSI level. Husky provides you about 175 PSI whereas the Koblat gives you only 155 PSI.

We are not demeaning the other brand by claiming the other as superior. We are just giving you an assumption about these compressors. With that being said, Husky is ahead of Kobalt a few steps with its PSI level and overall service protocol. You can also check Best Bostitch VS Dewalt VS Craftsman Air Compressor for more similar content.

Is Husky a good brand air compressor?

Campbell Hasufeld or Husky is an America based automobile manufacturer who are being in the automobile market since the late 19th century. They are famous for their air compressors. The off-road and on-road air compressors which Husky produce, are proving service to its consumers with a great success.

As we have stated that modern day air compressors are focusing on their sizes by making them absurdly small. While Husky is focusing on their traditional sizes as well as following the trend. With their service and after-purchase conveniences, Husky’s air compressors are ideal for everyone.

How does a Kobalt air compressor work?

Comparatively big and durable, the Kobalt 80 gallon is a beast! This machine runs by following some simple steps. First you have to check the compressor’s condition by checking the tank, the power-line. Then start the machine carefully and attach the hose pipe with the tire’s valves. While doing it, keep an eye on the valves as they fluctuate sometimes.

Then start the compressor and gradually increase the pressure. Do not start with higher pressure. After you’re done with inflating/deflating, detach the hose and turn the compressor off and shut the power-line down.

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