How to use Porter Cable Air Compressor to Fill Tires



Air compressor is a kind of machine which uses fresh air, store them inside the tanker for later use. It can be used for tire deflating, or inflating, framing nailers, painting cars, and so on. There are countless brands out there in the market from which you can choose your ideal one to use.

However, some brands do not provide the service they show you in their description. So, there remains a chance of you getting cheated. Nevertheless, there are some good brands which give you what they tell you about. Porter-Cable is such a manufacturer.

This article will tell you how you can fill tires with a Porter-Cable air compressor. This section has all the necessary information for your convenience.

  • First of all you have to select a compressor. You can choose either a corded or cordless one. The corded one is not much portable where the cordless one is the opposite.
  • Depending upon the side of the tire, you need to choose the compressor with required CFM and PSI. For bikes and cars, you need about 3 CFM and 110 PSI.
  • Then you have to empty the tire. Do it carefully so that there is no left-over air in it.
  • After that, you need to connect the air hose pipe of the compressor to the tube of the tire. While doing it, keep an eye on the contact point and check if it is leaking or not.
  • This is the last thing you should do. What you need to do before turning the compressor ON is to check the electric supply if you have a corded one.
  • After doing all these, now you can turn on the air compressor. Once you have done it, give it time to get settled. Do not pull the valves at once you have turned the machine ON!
  • Slowly increase the air pressure. It is very important to do so. Because, if you start with a bigger pressure, the tire might blast.
  • While inflating a tire, keep an eye on the pressure display gauge of the compressor. Keep yourself updated with the overall situation and check if everything is acceptable or not.
  • You need to check the side-walls of the tires frequently while inflating them. For that, you can use the thumb technique. Gently press the walls of the tire to feel the pressure.
  • When you are done with inflating, gently pull out the hose pipe from the tube of the tire.
  • Now, while doing it, make it a delicate operation. Do not rush as the sudden change in pressure might cause an accident.
  • Secure the tube of the tire by rotating the screw and making it tightly sealed.
  • Disconnect the compressor, turn it OFF and keep it in a safe and dry place.
  • Congratulations! You have successfully inflated your tire using a Porter-Cable air compressor t0 fill tires.

How to use a porter cable air compressor

As there are so many air compressor brands, you might be wondering how to choose an air compressor. Also, as there are so many options, it is easy to get confused.

However, we have talked about the best air compressors in our previous articles. In this one, we will be telling you how you can use a Porter Cable air compressor.

Being one of the most famous brands, Porter Cable is better than other brands. This is better in terms of longevity, workload, service and efficiency. Here is how you can use a Porter Cable air compressor.

All the components of a decent air compressor are put to the test. But first make sure that all the pieces are in place and connected in accordance with the user manual’s recommendations.

To connect the pieces, you can use tweezers and wrenches. Make sure the parts are secure before adding the next one.

When all the components are linked and assembled, you must determine whether or not each component is functional. Small air compressors are easy to inspect since there is less complexity involved. If there are no problems, search for them; otherwise, proceed to the next stage.

If the air compressor is a corded model, you must also check the power source, the valve joints. Lastly you should check the hose before you can start it.

This is because impact wrench work requires a high CFM and more air from the compressor than other tasks.You should regularly inspect the intakes.

You should thoroughly inspect the gas tanks if you have a gas-powered air compressor.Cause they provide the compressor with the majority of its power. Regularly check the joints’ rings and splinters to see if there are any leaks.

After making sure that everything is in order, you may start the compressor. It should be noted that you want to begin with a lesser CFM and then progressively raise the power level.

This is due to the possibility of your air tool blowing up if you start with something like a greater power. So, exercise patience and work diligently.

You can be confused about the fact of having the correct CFM in your compressor. And you can be fooled by the question of how much CFM you actually need to use an air compressor.

Well, in the prior paragraph, we talked about this already. But for your convenience, it should be mentioned that there’s no certain amount of CFM for a certain air compressor.

All of it depends on the size, power, and workload ability. It also depends on the need of the user as per the requirements of a job being done. So, do not fool yourself by asking this question.

The bigger air compressors are often handled by specialists. Therefore, we are just discussing regarding small to medium sized air compressors here. You might pick an air compressor for household uses if you wish to spray paint an automobile.

Start the compressor now. Attach it to the painter, and let the air density do the work to manually paint a car.

These small and medium air compressors are perfect for everyday tasks like tire inflation. After doing your task successfully, set your compressor aside. And, if it has one, carefully unplug it from the power source. Remove the air tool’s hose, then, set the compressor somewhere cool and dry to rest.

The Porter Cable air compressors are so well built that these are prime for beginner level uses. Now you can see the procedure of using a porter cable air compressor.So, we hope that you won’t feel any hassle while using it. All this information is just for your convenience.

How to maintain porter cable air compressor

Even the best air compressors need to be maintained on a regular basis. Porter cable is one of the best air compressors you can ever have.The best method to handle air compressor combination kit—or any other collection of assets—is often by the user-manual.

Some people never even glance at the instructions before using something! If you want to know whether or not greater CFM is preferred, you can find guidance in the manual.

To be more precise, imagine that you are unsure of the SCFM need for a tool. Or suppose your compressor is stuck and you are unable to reach its administration.

Even if the user handbook contains all the instructions, the majority of users will still seek out customer service departments. Simply, without worry, follow it!

Duct Cleaning

The intake ports of your compressor typically become dusty due to daily use. At construction sites, dust is a regular occurrence. As the compressor vibrates against the ground, dust particles shoot into air and can easily reach the vent.

Well-known tools with good vibration include the Porter Cable air compressor combination set.

We certainly know that not all compressors vibrate in the same manner.  Equipment like the Craftsman air compressor combination kit, Bostitch, Pancake many others may nonetheless exert a strong force.

You must do this by cleaning your HVAC system at least once a week or so. A blocked intake won’t make you feel well.

Bolts and Nuts

These metal components, which are among the most crucial components of an air compressor, keep the entire chassis together. Your compressor may start to degrade over time if the bolts and nuts are not fitted.

High-performance bolts are included with air compressor combination sets like the Porter Cable, for instance. You should be sure to check them frequently because loose nuts can have a considerable impact on vibration during operation.

However, take care not to over-tighten the bolts or nuts. Instead of making things more equitable, it may halt the circle from contracting and make things worse.

The Fuel Tank

You might not be aware of the gasoline tank size your air compressor requires. It all relies, in our opinion, on the variety. For instance, the larger Pancake ones are one of the best air compressors for home use.

These provide you with tanks that are large enough and can hold more petrol so that you may paint car. The gas tank has to be cleaned, therefore that needs to be your top priority.

Your air compressor might be significantly damaged by fuel particles. The absolute last thing you want is to develop an offensive odor because this will reduce the compressor’s overall efficacy.

Drain all of the gasoline and lubricant from the tank.Then use a wet-dry vacuum system to remove any remaining lubricants.

The Indicators

How much PSI is necessary for air tools is a question that is commonly asked. As we’ve already established, everything is different. The most important components of a compressor are the pressure gauges. Your indicators must be error-free in order to take precise measurements.

The same holds true for CFM. For instance, while inflating or deflating tires, you have no idea how much CFM you’re using. If your meters aren’t precise, something is seriously wrong with you! The gauge monitors must be often examined for such purposes.

These sensors gather pressure data, evaluate it, and provide you updates. The only thing needed is a regular sensor check. Simply replace them with fresh ones if you discover that they are not performing as intended.

Porter Cable, being one of the best air compressors for air tools can be maintained in such manner.

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