How to repair an air compressor


An air compressor is a type of tool that inhales raw air from the air at first. Then stores it in the tanker and uses it as per the lateral needs. Mostly air compressors are used for tire inflating, brad nailing, vacuum cleaning, floor cleaning with speed cleaners and others.

Maintaining an air compressor is not an easy task. There are multiple issues for which the owner of the compressors has to go through hassle. There can be many issues for which an air compressor needs to be repaired.

Many issues include leakage, hose jamming, motor faults and many more. In this article we will be talking about the most common problem of an air compressor, the leakage.

How to repair you air compressor

We hope that you will read this article thoroughly. Since all these things are only put together so that you do not face any hassle from the next time.

The Hose Leak

This one could be a little challenging. Because the leaks on the hose duct may be so little, it might be challenging to locate them precisely.

To find these leaks, use water, dip the tube in it, and turn on the compressor. Once you’ve found it, you may halt and seal the leak for a longer period of time with latex adhesive. These latex glues are used to block leaks, especially in products made of plastic.

The Rings (Valves)

The valve seals are sometimes known as “O Rings.” These metal rings provide a durable solution for compressor connection point leaks.

On occasion, they can also be made of rubber. These polyurethane ones are appropriate for hose tube leakage. You must insert the ring over the leak and tighten it in order to halt the air emission.

Connection Point Adjustment

This can be considered as the most common issue. The joint places of an air compressor are the most crucial parts. To repair these, you need to use a medium sized wrench.

Grab the points with the mouth of the wrench and then turn in clockwise to tighten. Sometimes the joints get rusty if they are metal. We suggest you to use plastic products to avoid un-changeable rust.

The Tanker Leaks

It is said to be one of the trickiest leaks. The rationale is that because these tankers include air, a leak might have extremely serious consequences. This type of leak may be stopped by using steel foils.

You can use welding equipment to plug the leak by placing the steel foil immediately there. Take care when using the welding equipment because it utilizes hot oxy-acetylene.

Another remedy can be the use of latex balls. Yes, these latex balls do not only work against water, but also against air.

Did you see that there is a leak on the wall of your air compressor?You can put a latex ball on the top of that and push it with your thumb strongly.

Then you can use a wooden hammer to make the ball flat.Once it is done, you will have your compressor a leakage free tanker.

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