How to Put Oil in Air Compressor



How to Put Oil in Air Compressor

Air compressor is a type of tool that converts raw air into dynamic power to run various air tools like vacuum cleaners, impact wrenches, spray paint guns, framing nailers, tires inflator deflators and so on.

The basic mechanism of an air compressor is that this machine has a built in motor, it can be rotary or magnetic. The motor spins at a great speed and it allows to take air into the tank of the compressor and the compressor then uses the air for lateral purposes by storing it.

Sometimes the air compressor gets jammed due to the lack of lubricants which help the motor to spin and you need to put some lubricants, i.e. oil, to keep the machine running efficiently, without any issues.

In this section, we will be telling you how you exactly put oil in your air compressor along with some additional information just for your convenience!

  • First of all, you have to make sure that your compressor is disconnected from the main line of electricity. Also, the switch of your compressor is turned off. It is essential because if the switch is turned on and you are connected to the main line, there might be an accident.
  • Once you checked that, unscrew the oil holding nut and open the mouth of the oil container.
  • Also, open the drain line of the oil to remove all the leftover oil from your compressor.
  • Once you have drained all the oil, let your oil tank dry for a while. It is necessary for ensuring that there is zero percent humidity and moisture.
  • Give your tank a nice wipe with a dry cloth just to make sure that there is no oil indeed.
  • To put oil, pull the handle of the drain valve and open the plug again.
  • Put some quality oil. The professionals suggest you put in some SAE 30 or SAE 20 oil. It is because these oils are viscous and will provide you the best service.
  • If you live in a comparatively colder place, we suggest you have the SAE 20 aa it is a bit less viscous than the SAE 30.
  • But if you live in a warmer place with more humidity, you should go for the SAE 30 one as it will provide more viscosity.
  • Once you have put the oil, carefully tighten the screw of the oil tank’s mouth and close the drain valves with their plugs.
  • Carry the leftover used oil carefully and put them in the bin in an approved manner. Do not throw the oil outside as these oils are super explosive and contain poisonous elements such as led.
  • Make sure that the oil has been dispatched perfectly to avoid further issues.
  • Give your air compressor a try with new oil and check for any inconveniences. Always have maintenance in terms of lubricants after some time. It is necessary for the compressor to serve at its best.

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