How to pump air in car tire



Inflating tires is one of those works which will not make you feel bored. Are you in need to know how to correctly inflate a car tire? This is the savior for all automobile maniacs.

This job is done by an air compressor. An air compressor is a type of tool that uses air to inflate tires like cars, motor-cycles, even trucks.

To put air in your tires, you need to do it in the right manner. So, you would not end up causing an explosion!

Today we will tell you how to put air in your car tire without facing any issues or troubles. Be sure to read all the way to the end as this article will help you in the long run.

  1. Verify your air compressor has the right PSI and CFM before continuing on to the next step. A maximum of 120 PSI and around 2+ CFM are normally required to effectively inflate a bicycle or automotive-tire.

You can go to the following stage if your compressor’s capabilities are adequate to meet the requirements.

  1. The next stage will be to determine whether or not there is any residual air in it. The tire tube typically always has air. Despite this, we advise that you let the tire totally deflate.
  2. To do that, you have to put a pin in the mouth of the tube of the tire. Then wait for a couple of minutes.
  3. Although you won’t be able to entirely depressurize it, try your best.
  4. Check your power lines next, and then turn on your air compressor.
  5. You may also use a portable air compressor if you have one.
  6. Once the compressor is running, you may attach the hose line to the tire’s mouth so that air can start to fill the tire.
  7. We advise you to start with lesser pressure. Because starting off with higher pressure might result in an explosion for a significant alteration in the tire’s internal environment.
  8. To prevent it, carefully open the compressor’s valves. Allow in some air at a lower pressure at first, and then gradually raise it.
  9. Watch the pressure display gauge all the time. It is critical that you be informed about the operation’s general status.
  10. Check to see if the tire has good pressure once you’ve finished inflating it.
  11. There are several methods to go about it. The load method is one of them. Check whether the tire protrudes by placing a significant weight on it. You might need to add extra air if it does. If not, you have your tires inflated!

This is how you inflate your car tires. We hope you have learned many things from this particular article which you can apply on various places!

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