How to get more cfm out of air compressor



An air compressor is a type of machine that intakes raw air from the natural environment, stores it and then uses it for lateral purposes. These purposes include vacuum cleaning, dye grinding, inflating tires (such as bikes, bicycles, cars and even trucks), impact wrenching, drilling and many other automobile works and factory necessities.

Air compressor is a complex machine that has so many things going on the inside to run perfectly. One of the major components of an air compressor is its CFM level. The CFM is the short for of Cubic Feet per Minute.

This refers to the amount of air that comes out of the compressor in proportion of time (here minute). CFM, along with other key factors of a compressor can have a huge effect on the overall outcome.

Generally, CFM and PSI define the power of an air compressor. However, PSI will be out of our concern in this article. We will let you know how you can wring out the maximum CFM from an air compressor.

1. Reduce the Output Pressure
This is one of the most effective ways to get more CFM. As soon as your tank is pressurized, you can have a certain air-flow until the compressors kicks the power again.

If you can reduce the output pressure so that it becomes less than the tank pressure, then you can have an increased air flow with more volume. You can get this by adjusting the power and its super easy.

Once, you have reduced your output pressure, you will see change in the CFM level; slowly but steadily.

2. Increasing the Outlet Hose
There are many air tools which require more CFM. If you have a compressor with lower CFM, you can increase it by increasing the size of your hose pipe.

Since CFM refers to the overall air flow, if you change the hose with a bigger mouth that can contain more air, the overall air flow rate will increase and therefore, you will be able to get more CFM eventually.

3. Connect Two Compressors in Parallel
It might sound absurd but it is one of the most effective ways to get more CFM. Although, it is more of a traditional way to do it, there are specimens which show that this technique works pretty well and effectively.

To do it, you have to take two air compressors with hose pipe. Then, you have to connect those two hoses and make a single line which will carry the air coming from both of the compressors.

This integrated line will allow you to have more air to travel through and eventually will help you to get more CFM. This traditional way is so effective that it is used all over the world even it sounds outdated.

4. The Auxiliary Storage Tank
Another easy yet effective way to get more CFM. In this method, you need an extra tank which will contain air and will be connected with the main line. That means you will need two hoses.

This might sound like the previous technique. But you don’t have to own two separate air compressors, you just need another tank to contain and supply more air.

This extra air will merge with the existing air of the compressor and make a huge change in the overall CFM since more air at a time is equal to more CFM.

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