How to fill Scuba tank with air compressor


Scuba tank with air compressor

A scuba tank is a type of tank that contains natural oxygen gas for the professional scuba divers. These tanks are super handy and reliable in terms of service.

The main structure of a normal air compressor tank and a scuba tank is almost the same. The only difference lies in the material and usage. An air compressor tank is made of metal elements.

On the other hand, a scuba tank can be made of metal or fiber glass. Nowadays, the divers prefer fiber glass tanks as they are lighter than the metal tanks and much more handy and reliable.

  • You cannot use a regular air compressor to fill a scuba tank. It is because the regular tanks do not have the ability to produce such air pressure.
  • Generally a scuba tank requires roughly around 2500-3000 PSI to fully refill it. This sort of air pressure is impossible for those regular air compressors that you see in the market.
  • So first of all, you need a specialized compressor just to refill you scuba tank.
  • There are many types of scuba tank compressors. You can have an electric compressor, high/low pressure compressor, diesel compressor, portable compressor, quiet compressor and so on. All of these compressors are specially built to refill the scuba tank.
  • To refill a scuba tank, you should check the compliance of the tank. If you have recently checked it, then its fine to move on to the next step.
  • After your inspection is done, you need to empty the whole tank to remove all the left over air in it. It is important because if there is any leftover air, it might cause serious damage to your tank.
  • Look for any sort of damage or leaks in your tank. You don’t want a damaged tank to be refilled. Because it doesn’t make any sense! To do that, give a nice spin to your tank look for any damage.
  • Next, you need to put your tank into cold water. This has two benefits. First, you will be able to see any sort of leaks and damages in the tank as there will be bubbles visible if there is any. And second by putting into the cold water, your tank will be prevented from getting exploded due to the heat of the air pressure.
  • Next, you need to turn on your compressor. Before doing that, check the compressor carefully. Look for any sort of issues like oil leakage, damaged hose, power-line connection error and the valves.
  • Once you have checked it thoroughly, you can start your compressor by turning it on and check if the auto-shut-off is working or not.
  • Put the hose into the valve of the tank and start to refill the tank. This is the most crucial part.
  • Start with lower pressure and then slowly increase it according to the need of your tank.
  • After you’re done with refilling, slowly pull out the hose from the mouth of the valve and pull the handle of the valve to close it.
  • Turn off the compressor and put your refilled scuba tank in a nice dry and cold place till the day of its usage.

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