How to Drain Air Compressor


How to Drain Air Compressor

An air compressor is a type of machine that uses air to generate power to run various air tools. It is ran either by electric power when they are not corded, or corded when they use main line.

Air compressors have a rotary or magnetic motor built inside of it and this is the main source of power generation. The rotary or magnetic motor rotates at a great speed and intakes air into the compressor’s air tanks and store them for lateral use.

The stored air then in converted into air pressure which can be customized in terms of PSI and CFM level; both are the indication of the air pressure but in a slightly different manner.

Sometimes air compressors have an issue of getting wet inside due to the immense vaporization. The water and the oil gets stuck in the channel and the leftover air inside the tank causes problems like compression jamming, a blocked path, and not enough pressure and so on.

Here are some information about how you can drain air from an air compressor tank:

  • First of all you have to turn off the air compressor either by disconnecting it from the main line or just simply switching it off.
  • Next you have to decrease the pressure to less than 3 PSI. You can easily do this by simply pulling the ASME valve. Do it slowly, and never rush while increasing or decreasing the PSI level.
  • The professionals suggest you to wear a safety glass while doing this particular task.
  • Fully drain the tank by continuously pulling the valve. Do it until it’s totally empty.
  • Once you have done these, the next thing you have to do is to locate the drain valve of the tank. In most air compressors, it is underneath of the tank.
  • Open it and wait until the leftover sticky moisture is out of the tank. You can also use a tilter to tilt the tanker and allow the remaining vapor or moisture to get dried.
  • After you have done all these things perfectly, simply close the valve and keep the tanker in a nice dry and cold place.
  • Bingo! You have successfully drained the tank of your air compressor.
  • Be it a 10 gallon tank or 80 gallon. The process of draining an air tank is universal and constant. There can be slight adjustments and customizations while doing the process.
  • The bottom-line is, an air compressor tank is a container of the main resource of the whole thing. If the tank is not well maintained, it is obvious that you won’t get a good service from that.
  • While buying a compressor, be sure to check the tank of it as sometimes there are unexpected leaks in it.
  • To get the best service from a compressor, the contribution of the tanker is something that we cannot overlook. So, you have to maintain it properly for the best service assurance.

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