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Air compressors are a piece of versatile equipment that may be utilized for various tasks. The air compressor is required for anything from inflating and deflating tires to using jackhammers. It is not required to have an air compressor for all of your tasks.

Nevertheless, in the case of automobiles, we regret to inform you that there is no other option for an air compressor. Practically, all of the major manufacturers rely on air compressors to make their jobs easier. In fact, the automotive industry is much reliant on it.

What are main fact for Air Compressor

The use of an air compressor varies depending on the job. The following are some fundamental facts concerning air compressors.

There are several aspects to consider while inspecting an air compressor. PSI, CFM, compressor size, and many other factors are considered. All of these words are contingent on the customer’s requirements or the task to be completed.

For domestic automobile work, smaller compressors with 2-4 CFM and 3-5 liters are used. Compressors like the AKASO B098JHMLFM 12V DC are the most minimum size and most portable.

They can be used to inflate bicycle and automobile tires. These compressors are usually electric and cordless. You can even get a corded version!

As the size of your garage grows, so does the size of the compressor. A compressor with 4-6 CFM and a capacity of 6 liters would be ideal for a mid-level workstation. These compressors have a working pressure range of 90-120 PSI.

The little compressors we described previously do not have a higher PSI. They work with airflows of 70-90 CFM.

These mid-range compressors offer various extension packages that include extra valves, rubber supports for working stability, a longer hose, and more. You won’t have to worry about its service because most manufacturers provide all you need.

Extremely large compressors are required in major vehicle factories; really big compressors! We’re talking about those huge facilities where you have to compete on productivity with other businesses.

When it comes to large compressors, the California Air Tools CAT-60040CAD is a good option. This air compressor operates at 12/24 volts and is excellent for heavy-duty applications. It has a maximum air pressure of 90 PSI and can create more than 10.50 CFM of air pressure (max at 90 PSI).

This compressor is designed for large companies with several tasks to complete. And it’s a requirement for something that won’t get tired very quickly.

These heavy-duty compressors can run for up to 6 hours straight with no problems.

You’ve probably figured out that the characteristics of an air compressor are totally dependent on your requirements. And to do so, you must go deep into your options and ask yourself what you are really seeking.

You can’t just walk into a store and buy an air compressor. That isn’t going to help you. All you have to do now is seek the prerequisites. There are many of compressors to meet your requirements.

In this modern age, we all require a large number of air tools for the sake of comfort and convenience. Be it air conditioners, spray painting tools or even nail guns, we seek for best comfort.

All these machines contain an air compressor – the most essential part that manifests energy from the atmosphere to produce kinetic energy.

An air compressor can cause both comfort and trouble depending on the type you choose it. While the longevity of every machine or its parts depends on the user, it’s essential to pick the right one.

Without the right air compressor, it can lead to either a prolonged issue or no progress in the relevant field at all!

The market accommodates a vast range of air compressors these days. One must consider options based on different criteria and professional requirements before deciding which brand of air compressor is best. The reason behind this is air compressors are long-term equipment.

Air Compressor Size

One of the key points to consider while buying an air compressor is the size. Based on the machinery it aims to power, an air compressor can be of varied sizes. For instance, a 6 gallon air compressor is small in size and can power short-ranged tools.

In contrast, a 10 gallon compressor is relatively larger in size and can manifest higher levels of energy. Beware that buying large sizes won’t help you in getting the job done at a faster rate.

It is essential that you buy the perfect size which will not overwork your tool while delivering maximum output.

Usually, a 10 gallon compressor serves adequately when it comes to personal as well as professional tasks. Many might think that a 6 gallon can also get the job done. But one should never compromise in terms of air compressors as the wrong one may even damage the tool significantly.

A 30 gallon air compressor is considered as a moderate size in the market. It can run tools that require adequate levels of power. For instance, spray painting guns, atomizers and nail guns and other inflation tools can operate seamlessly with this air compressor.

Air Compressor Types

Based on different areas of expertise and uses, air compressors are also named in accordance with their functions. For example, A garage air compressor is comparatively smaller and much easier to maintain and operate.

Even the precautionary measures regarding these are the minimum. As the name suggests, these compressors can be stored right in your garage!

Indoor air compressors are even more convenient as they can be kept indoors. And they are used for tasks on a personal level as well.

Outdoor air compressors must be kept outdoors while operating as their emissions may prove harmful indoors. There are also overheating issues that need to be taken into account.

As for industrial sized air compressors, they are as huge as they come. These are used to run large machinery for long periods of time. One can already guess from the name! These air compressors are high maintenance as well as heavy duty in terms of performance.

Air Compressor Power

The power of an air compressor is one of the most crucial facts to be looked upon. You know that there are countless brands in the market with great looks to make you feel confused. One of the main difference factors is power.

Generally, the power of an air compressor is measured in Horse Power. In normal household air compressors, you can hardly have 2 hp. It’s because the works done in houses aren’t that heavy that you need a bigger and more powerful air compressor.

For Example, Dewalt is one of the best air compressors for painting cars. None of these compressors are above 4 horsepower. It is because Dewalt compressors are made for household purposes.

So, be sure while buying one. Do not buy a rough beast when you will never need it.

Oil Type Air Compressor

Oil consumption is yet another key factor that should be taken into account when buying an air compressor. Generally, there are two types of oil that are used for air compressors; the SAE 20 and the SAE 30.

The SAE 20 is used for the compressors which are used in colder regions. And the SAE 30 is for warmer regions.

These two types of oil can be used as a substitute for hydraulic fluid. This is because these have the lowest API rate which allows your compressor to be the most efficient. So, while buying one, be sure that your compressor is compatible with any one of these oils.

For Greater Purpose

As we already have talked about the size, we want to further help you with more information about it. As you know that size is the primary factor, you have to be careful while buying one.

If you have an industrial plan, you can go for those large compressors. For instance, a nice 60 gallon air compressor would be a perfect choice to start.

Also, if you need more space and productivity, you can opt for  80 gallon air compressors with higher production rates. Industrial productivity requires such compressors to keep pace. So, you might consider it.


There are other things that you should carefully check while buying an air compressor. One of them is the air intake. Air intakes are basically the tunnels through which the air from the atmosphere travels to the tank of the compressor.

Porter-Cable Air Compressors give you some of the best air intakes available in the market.

Bolts and Nuts

The bolts and nuts are a major factor in terms of securing the welfare of an air compressor. These little metal objects hold the whole frame together and endure immense pressure all the time.

A good air compressor brand uses nickel and iron as the base product of these bolts and nuts. While buying an air compressor, be sure to check the bolts and nuts thoroughly.


The pressure-indicating gauges are another yet important aspect of an air compressor. These machines show the pressure that is being run throughout your air compressor. Also, the whole measurement depends on these machines. So, you have to be careful while buying one.


Last but not least is the hose pipe. Yes, all of the air compressors in the market provide you with hose pipes. But not all pipes provide you with the best of services.

The materials of the pipe, the length, and longevity are the key facts that determine how a hose pipe actually is. Another vital factor could be the pressure enduring ability So, be sure to secure the best one as you buy an air compressor.

Try to remember all this information when you are about to buy an air compressor. These are meant only for your convenience!

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