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Air compressors are a type of tool which is used for many purposes. From inflating and deflating a tire, to use framing nailer; everywhere the air compressor is a must. It not necessary that you need an air compressor for all the jobs get done in your life.

But in terms of automobile section, we are afraid to tell you that there is no other alternative of it. The automobile sector is greatly dependent on this machine.  Almost all the big manufacturers seek the help of air compressors to make their tasks easy.

The necessity of air compressor differs from work to work. Here are some of the basic information about air compressors.

  • An air compressor has some different sectors to be looked upon. The PSI, CFM, the size of the compressor and many more. All these terms depend upon the need of the customer or the work to be done.
  • The smaller compressors with 2-4 CFM and 3-5 gallons are for household automobile works. Compressors like BLACK+DECKER 12V DC are the smallest one with maximum portability. They are helpful in inflating bike and car tires. Generally, these compressors are electric and cordless. But you can have a corded version too!
  • As your garage gets larger, the size of the compressor increases. For a mid-level workstation, a compressor with 4-7 CFM and a capacity of 6 gallons would be perfect. These compressors can work on around 90-120 PSI.

The small compressors that we mentioned earlier do not -have bigger PSI. They are compatible with 70-90 CFM.

  • These mid-level compressors come with accessory kits which include additional valves, rubber stands for stability while working. It also consists of a longer hose and many more. You don’t have to worry about its service since most of the manufacturers provide all the necessities.
  • In terms of large automobile workshops, you need big compressors; real big compressors! We are talking about those massive factories where you have to compete against other companies in terms of productivity.
  • As for big compressors, Sherpa SAC12VHD can be something that you need to look into. This 12/24 volt air compressor is ideal for heavy duty operations. It can produce more than 10 CFM of air pressure and is compatible with 150 PSI (max).

This compressor is used for those big factories where you have multiple operations to be done. And you need something which will not get tired often.

  • This type of heavy-duty compressor can work up to 6+ hours at straight with no issues.
  • By now, you have come to know that air compressors’ features solely depend on your needs. And you have to dig deep inside your choices and ask yourself what you are actually looking for.
  • You just cannot go to a shop and buy a random air compressor. That will do no work for you. All you need is to look for the requirements. There are more than enough compressors to gratify your needs!

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