Why Choose Hitachi air compressor combo kit


Hitachi air compressor combo kit

Air compressor is a type of machine that uses raw it to produce power. With the power of the produced pressure, it helps to run various air tools. It may include- airbrush, spray paint, tire inflator or deflator, impact wrenches, mini dye grinders and many more.

Nowadays, the air compressor manufacturers do not produce a single piece of air compressor. Instead, they produce something which is beneficial to the customers. With that being said, the idea of air compressor combo kit comes in our mind.

So, many of the famous brands out there are producing combo kits on a daily basis. Amongst many other brands, Hitachi is one of the most prominent air compressor combo kit manufacturers.

In this section, we will describe the facts and reasons for choosing the Hitachi air compressor combo kit. Just go through it and you would certainly understand in the end, how this could be your best helping hand.

  • You should know that some brands are famous for their focus on a specific sector. Some brands focus on the power while others focus on the overall service of the compressor.
  • Hitachi is a kind of brand that focuses on all sorts of air compressors. This makes the brand even more demanding.
  • Hitachi has a variety of compressor combo kits. For instance, Hitachi KNT50AB is an example of a premium quality air compressor combo kit. This combo kit has a 6 gallon pancake-shaped air compressor, with brad nailers and a moderate size hose pipe for portability.
  • These types of combo kits are the best choice if you have a small to semi-large facility. You will have all the conveniences in this set. Also, these compressor kits are handy and durable. So, you don’t have to feel any sort of anxiety regarding its longevity.
  • Most Hitachi air compressors have one thing in common that makes them superiorly different from the others. That is their auto switch off technology. This technology allows a compressor to automatically shut down as soon as the operation is done.
  • Another example of a good compressor combo kit is the Hitachi KNT50A. This one is also similar to the previous one. The difference is that this one has an 18 gauge brad nailer which can press up to 20ga nails pretty easily.
  • As we have said, there are countless combo kits out there in the market. But not all of them provide you the best service. Rather, most of them are just waste of money.We ensure that you don’t get cheated by those fancy yet hoax stuff.
  • Hitachi as a brand has a fine record of quality customer service. The after-purchase facility provides you extra service even after for 2 years. This shows that Hitachi is different from many famous brands out there.

Even the professionals suggest you to buy a set of this combo kit. After all these conveniences, we do not see any reason of not buying a Hitachi air compressor combo kit. One thing is assured by us, you will regret if you don’t buy one and give it a shot!

How to maintain Hitachi air compressor combo kit?

Read the User Guideline

It might sound dumb to many people, but the user manual is perhaps the most effective way to maintain an air compressor combo kit, or any other machinery tool. There are users who don’t even look at the manual even for once! Hitachi gives you a fully guided user manual in which you can have all of your questions answered.

For example, if your inlets or let’s say hose pipe is not getting tight for some reason. Most of the users will call the customer service where the manual might have all the instructions to solve this problem. So, step 1 is to stick to your manual.

Clear the Vents

As you use your compressor on a daily basis, it is normal to get your intake vents dirty. In the most construction sites, when the compressor vibration hits the ground, the dust particles toss themselves in the air and easily get inside of the vent.

Even though not all the compressors create same vibration, tools like Hitachi, Dewalt air compressor combo kit, Bostitch and many more can create a good force. For that, you need to clean your air vents at least every week or so. You won’t like an intake with debris.

Bolts and Nuts

These metal objects are one of the most important parts of an air compressor as they hold the whole frame together. If you do not tighten the bolts and nuts after a while, you might discover that your compressor is falling apart.

Air compressor combo kitlike Hitachi offers you high-performance bolts. But you have to make sure that you check them often as loose bolts cause serious vibration while having an operation. But do not attempt to over-tight the nuts or bolts. It might break the tightening loop and cause more hassle than lessen it.

Fuel Tank Cleaning

You might be wondering what size air compressor fuel tank is required for you. We would say that it totally depends on the variety. For instance, Hitachi gives you big enough tanks which can store more fuel. The thing you should be concerned about is how to clean the fuel tank.

Fuel particulates can cause serious damage to your air compressor. The lubricious environment within the compressor is the last thing you want as it hampers the overall performance of the compressor. To clean the tank, drain all the oil and gas and then use wet-dry vacuum to eliminate further lubricants.

Check the Gauges

It is very common to ask how much PSI one requires for air tools. As we have said, it all varies. The pressure gauges are the key parts of a compressor. For accurate measurements, your gauges need to be perfect.

The same goes for CFM. For instance, you don’t know how much CFM you’re running on while spray painting. If you’re gauges are not accurate, you’re doomed! For that, the gauge sensors should be checked on a regular basis. These sensors acquire pressure and calculate to give you updates. All you have to do is to check these sensors often. If you see that they are not working as expected, just change them with newer ones.

Which Hitachi air compressor spare part should be maintained regularly?

Air compressor spare parts include many complex tools such as air intake, air dryer, screws, filter and many more. Among all the detachable parts, the air filter can be considered as the most crucial one. A good air compressor must have a premium air filter in it. However, even the most premium parts need to be either replaced or maintained properly.

Hitachi gives you air filter that provides you the best service. This air filter takes the air and eliminates the dust particles in order to keep your compressor well-going. There are basically three types of air filters, particulate, the ones that gather and eliminate small dust particles; absorbers, the ones that absorbs vapors and chemicals, and the coalescing filters that eliminates water.

You need to know how much your compressor’s filter can afford. The more the dust, the better the filter need to be. In order to maintain the filter, you need to check the parts of it regularly.

Depending on the amount of dust, you have to know air how much small compressor filters can eliminate. Small compressors have small filters and they do not acquire much dust. Once the filter in over-dusty, change the filter cap or clean it. In the discharged area, look for dusts. If there is dust, then you have to change your filter cap.

The guard and the bowl of the filter is the area where the discharge of the air is stored. You need to clean the particular part frequently because the amount of discharge can damage the whole filter. In order to drain the filter, you can use vacuum pipes to suck out the oil, water and dirt.

For long lasting usage, there is no other way but to maintain the air filter of your compressor. As it is an air based tool, it needs no telling that pollution-free air is required. And the air filter is the only designated part of the whole machine. So, you better take care of them!

How to setup Hitachi air compressor combo kit

After you choose an air compressor for air tools, you need to know how to assemble all the part and install them in order to start your work.

First, you need to choose the right place for you air compressor combo kit to be settled. Generally, these places are your backyard, garage or a secluded place where you won’t be facing any complains if you live in a congested residential area. We suggest you choose the garage instead and wrap your garage with sound-proof foams.

The next thing you have to do is to install the tanker and attach it with the main body of your air compressor. The air tanker is a big barrel in which the inhaled air is stored. The size of tanker depends on how much PSI is required. Check the walls of the tanker and look for any leaks. After installing it, attach the tanker with the compressor.

After the tanker, the air intake and the air dryer should be installed. The air intake is a complex part of your compressor as it takes the air primarily and allows the tanker to store it. Carefully tighten the nuts to properly install it. For the air dyer, attach it right after the intake in an aligned position.

You need to know how much SCFM is required for running air tools. For that, the gauges will help you out. Simply install the sensors with the meters and connect them.

Finally, after installing all these parts, attach a hose pipe with the compressor. For corded compressors, use a well maintained power-line; and for cordless ones, make sure your battery is charged enough. Place your compressor with proper care and give it a few test runs to check everything is working well. If no issues are found, you have successfully setup the compressor combo kit.

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