Is Higher CFM Better Air Compressor



In the automobile sector, there are some different kind of measuring units which you may not have seen before. CFM is one of them. CFM stands for Cubic Feet per Minute. It is a kind of measuring unit that indicates ability of air compressor in terms of output service within a minute.

CFM is so crucial that the professionals suggest checking the compressor’s CFM level before buying one. Because the CFM level, to some extent, determines the overall ability of the air compressor. But do not mix it with the other aspects like performance and so on.

It is just an indication of exactly how much air your compressor can compress in terms of output service. Here are some detailed information about the relation between the CFM and an air compressor.

  • You already know that the CFM is the overall air flow rate of an air compressor. You should also know that this thing differs from compressor to compressor. There is no rigid number which determines the perfect CFM for an air compressor.
  • However, CFM level determines the rate of airflow. The more it is, the more air your compressor can pass through the channel.
  • The CFM level starts generally from 0 which gradually increases to 30/40/50 depending upon the power of the compressor.
  • For a small sized air compressor, the CFM level stays within 1.3-3. Compressors like Makita MAC700 has the CFM level of 3.3. It has slightly more CFM than we have stated. It is because it has those big bore cylinders which allows more air intake.
  • Medium sized air compressors have the CFM range from 3-6. You can see that the CFM is gradually increasing as the range of work is spreading.

This signifies our statement above which says that the CFM level is never a rigid number. Rather it varies from compressor to compressor and depends solely on the requirements.

  • For large workstations and factories, you will need air compressor which has bigger CFM rate. You can have the Schulz It is 5 HP, 20CFM heavy-duty air compressor ideal for manufacturing purposes.
  • The overall concept is clear as daylight. There is no significant number of CFM to determine the compressor’s performance. It is all your choice to get your desired air compressor.
  • Also, we cannot deny the fact that more CFM means that the compressor is more powerful. But at the same time it doesn’t mean that the compressor having lower CFM is bad. Or the compressor having higher CMF is good.
  • It’s all about the necessity of the user of the compressor. You can’t expect a 2 CFM compressor will provide you the same service as a 15 CFM compressor.
  • As the CFM rate increases, the overall responsibility of a compressor also increases. So it is up to you to choose your ideal compressor with your desired CFM level. It is all based on your needs and requirements.

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