How Do I Choose an Air Compressor for Air Tools



Air tools are types of equipment that are powered primarily by air pressure. This shows that air tools are air-powered tools, and air compressors do the compression. Air compressors are machines which run the air tools. These machines use electric power, gasoline or even diesel to power themselves.

When it comes to choose an air compressor for your air tools many things come in mind.  There is the notion of power, which is likewise tied to size, capacity, PSI, CFM and many more.  In summary, choosing a compressor, as well as its other properties, are fully dictated by the demands of its users.

  • First of all, the term power comes in our mind. The power determines the overall ability of an air compressor. Generally, it is shown in the HP measurement, which stands for horse power. The more HP you have, the more power you get from your air compressor to compress air.
  • Compressors like VEVOR, have more than 4 HP. This can be your ideal choice in terms of buying your first air compressor. The power of this one is more than enough for any kind of small to medium level purposes.
  • The size is another crucial factor here. The more the size of your tank has, the more air it can contain in order to compress and deliver. It is obvious that all these terms aforementioned depend on the necessity of the users along with the requirements.

If you have a smaller facility, you choose a small compressor. If you have a larger one, then you know what to do.

  • The PSI stands for Pound per Square Inch. And it is an indication of how much pressure your compressor can apply on a certain amount of space. Normal household works like painting, cleaning and framing do not require PSI more than 60-65. These air tools are for small household purposes.
  • For bigger air tools like those jack hammers, concrete drillers, pressing machine and many other factory tools require more PSI. So, it is up to you to choose your ideal one.
  • The CFM stands for Cubic Feet per Meter. Some works like roofing, painting and stuffs like that do not need a huge CFM. These air tools require only 1.3-2.5 CFM.
  • But for larger tools, you will need more CFM. Tools like impact wrench requires 5 CFM and above. Compressors like Makita MAC5200 has a CFM level of 10 with a nice 3 HP motor. You can access to other work which require more CFM with this compressor.
  • Others terms include the durability, service time and stress taking ability. The air tools which need to work for many hours will require compressors with maximum longevity. These type of compressors can be seen in the industrial workshops for maximum productivity service.
  • All in all, the choosing of a compressor solely depends on you and your requirements. The equation is so simple; you require bigger compressor, you buy one, you need something small and handy, you do as per your necessities.

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