Is Bostitch air compressor combo kit best for you


A great quality portable air compressor combo kit is a perennial favorite in the garage. If you have ever used a pneumatic device, you’re probably aware of how an instant surge in air pressure works.

In fact, an instant surge in air pressure may help you do even the most difficult tasks considerably faster. Selecting the most effective air compressor combination kit is critical to achieving maximum perfection.

It could be useful you’re framing brad nailers on the fences of your garden inflating or deflating your vehicle’s tire. It could also be useful simply cleaning your household. At the moment, there is a wide variety of compressor combo kits available.

When it comes to making a buy, however, keeping budget in mind as well as assuring excellent performance is critical. Bostitch is the brand that offers a large selection of compressor combo kits in this regard.

We’ll give you a quick rundown of if Bostitch air Compressor Combo Kit is the best option for you or not. It is normal to get confused with the variety of options. We are here to serve you right!

First things first, the impression. In the automobile sector, the impression doesn’t count on the outer looks. Rather, it solely depends on the overall performance of a machine.

Bostitch air compressors are one of the best air compressor manufacturing brands worldwide. This tag of ‘one of the best’ didn’t come out of anywhere. It is gained through premium service and customer satisfaction.

Bostitch offers you a compressor combo kit depending on your needs. For instance, Bostitch BTFP3KIT can be your best buy if you’re looking for executing multiple operations at your home or garage.

This portable compressor can be used for various purposes like tire inflating and deflating, stapling. It can also be used for nailing (up to 1/2 inches), impact wrench uses and so on.

Although this is for shorter range use, it has a set of instruments that you can use for other purposes.

In more extensive facilities, for single purposes like nailing, Bostitch BTFP1KIT is another specimen of premium quality air compressor kit.

You can use this for heavy-duty nailing purposes.

Bostitch provides you with some of the best air compressing units, and you will never be displeased with their service.

There are many famous brands out there that do not give you what they show you. It’s like, you are being attracted with their fanciness, but in the end, it’s nothing but waste of money.

Unlike them, Bostitch gives you service even after purchasing your product. The manufacturer has a policy for the goodness of the customers.

This policy is called the ‘After Purchase Services’. This includes a 100% return guarantee within 6 months of purchase if there is any sort of issue found.

Also, the customer gets a 2 years free warranty. Any types of changes, upgrades or replacements will be provided within this timeline.

Last but not the least, the cost. Bostitch is not an expensive brand, we repeat, not expensive at all. You get what you pay for and you get the best.

So, without any further ado, grab your first Bostitch air compressor combo kit if you haven’t got it yet!

How to use Bostitch air compressor combo kit

In the market of many air compressors, it is seriously hard to find the right one for you. There are many air compressor combo kits available that promise you the same thing. So, it is hard to choose an air compressor for air tools.

The Bostitch air compressor combo kit can be your savior. Here is how you can use it:

Once you have the kit in your hand, the first thing you should do is to unwrap it. To do it smoothly, we would suggest you to take a sharp paper cutter. Then cut alongside the edge of the box.

Do it carefully as you might end up damaging the parts of the compressor. After unwrapping it, comes the most time consuming yet crucial part.

To connect the parts, you need to read the user manual if you are a beginner.Or you can do it all by yourself if you are a professional. To do that, take the wrenches and pliers and start to connect the parts according to the user manual suggestions.

Depending upon how much powerful compressor you need, choose your right one and then start working with it. This combo kit comes with a set hose, rechargeable battery, and portable carrier and so on.

To inflate tires of vehicles, you need to connect the hose pipe of compressor with the tube of the tire. And then slowly start inflating it.

To do that, you will suggest you to start from lower pressure as not all tires can handle higher PSI. Do you want to work with the small compressor from the same company?

You need to know how much a small air compressor costs. Small compressors are super handy too and you can easily use them.

Once you are done with inflating or other works; simply unplug it as it is a corded compressor.

How to maintain Bostitch air compressor combo kit

The user manual is probably the most effective approach to operate air-compressor combo kit—or any other piece of machinery. This may seem obvious to many people though.

Some people never even glance at the instruction manual! For example, you need to know is higher CFM better or not, you can have the suggestions in the manual!

To elaborate, if for some reason your intake or the filters are not getting fitted, you will call customer care.Though the manual may contain all the instructions needed to resolve this issue. So, the first step is to follow your instructions.

Cleaning the Intakes

It is typical for your intake apertures to become dusty as a result of the everyday use of your compressor. Most construction sites have dust particles. When the compressor vibrations strike the ground, throw themselves into the air and easily enter the vent.

Tools like Dewalt air compressor combo kit are known for having good vibration like Bostitch.

Not all compressors produce the same vibration. Yet, products like Bostitch, Porter Cable, Craftsman air compressor combo kit, and many more may nevertheless generate a strong force. You must clean your air ducts at least once a week or so for that. You won’t like a clogged intake.

The Nuts

These metal components keep the entire frame together, making them one of the most crucial components of an air compressor. After a while, if the bolts and nuts are not tightened, you can find that your compressor is disintegrating.

High-performance bolts are available with air compressor combination kits like those from Bostitch. However, you must be sure to check them frequently because loose nuts can seriously affect vibration during surgery.

Avoid over tightening the nuts or bolts. It could disrupt the tightening spiral and make things worse rather than better.

Tank Cleaning

You might be unsure what size air compressor gasoline tank needed for your air compressor. It all depends, in our opinion, on the variety.

As an illustration, Bostitch provides you with large enough tanks that can hold more fuel. The gasoline tank should be cleaned, and that is what you should be worried about.

Your air compressor may suffer substantial harm from fuel particles. The very last thing you want is an oleaginous condition within the compressor since it’ll reduce the compressor’s overall performance. Drain all of the oil and gasoline from tank, and then use a wet-dry vacuum to remove any remaining lubricants.

The Gauges

How much PSI is necessary for air tools is a question that is frequently asked. It everything differs, as we’ve indicated. The essential components of a compressor are the pressure gauges. Your gauges must be flawless in order to take precise measurements.

The same is true with CFM. For instance, while inflating or deflating tires, you have no idea how much CFM you’re using. You’re seriously messed up if your gauges aren’t precise! The gauge sensors need to be regularly monitored for that.

These sensors gather pressure data and compute it to provide you with updates. All you need to do is often check these sensors. Simply replace them with fresh ones if you notice that they are not performing as planned.

Where use Bostitch air compressor combo kit

The Bostitch air compressor combo kit is a type of a tool that has everything you can possibly imagine. Especially you can get great help in term of any household or mini-workstation works.

TheBostitch air compressor combo kit is always the number one choice of the customers.You can see it from spray painting to nailing, from inflating tires to using pressure washers and many more.

As we have mentioned that the Bostitch air compressor combo kit can be used in almost everywhere. However, you might still be wondering how much CFM you need to spray paint.

This tool starts from lower CFM of 2 and can rise up to 6 CFM! Yes, you heard that right. Bostitch has options for all types of air works.

As this one is a portable and corded air compressor, you can use it for inflating tires outdoor. You can even use it in the remote places where there is no electricity!

This one has a rechargeable lithium ion battery that can serve you up to four hours! For remote works, indeed it is the perfect helping hand when others fail to do so.

As there are other brands, you might be thinking if Bostitch is the same as Dewalt. To answer that, we would like to tell you the truth.

And that is, both of these are compatible to almost any air tools. However, Bostitch comes first because it has more longevity, as the customers have said.

In term of use, Bostitch is the primary air compressor even for the beginners. As they don’t know how and where to use it properly; this one helps them with the simplest of manuals. Brad nailing, spray-painting, vacuum-cleaning, pressure washing, inflating and deflating cars, bikes and even trucks’ tires, dye grinding, you name it.

The Bostitch air compressor combo kit serves the purpose of great usage while providing longevity and assurance.

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