Best off road Air Compressors


Best off-road Air Compressors

Stuck in the middle of your adventure in the unknown off-roads? Off-road issues need off-road solutions to solve them. If your vehicle is not being able to compete against this environment and you’re in need of an air compressor, then this is for you.

Regular compressors aren’t ideal for such craggy scene. For the reason, you need the ideal off-road air compressors to help your vehicle to find a way out. Be it inflating tires or seats, you are required the best tools. However, getting the ideal guide is not easy at all and that’s why we will dig deep into the aforementioned crisis and guide you to get the best off-road air compressors!

Best off road Air Compressors Review

ARB (CKMTP12) 12V Twin Motor

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With the overall capacity of 6.16 cubic feet (without load), along with the dual motor (12 volts) and cylinder, this off road compression beast is more than what you can imagine! The tanks are made with aluminum which is integrated and the switch bridles the pressure between 130-155 PSI.

The whole package comes in a spacious waterproof case which has extra chambers for the hose and other extra tools. An inlet IP55 cooling fan (DC) is used which has mounting brackets that absorbs extra heat and reduces temperature of the motor and the electronic parts. The package also includes clamps, pressure switch and wire loom, but not any backing plate.

ALL-TOP Heavy Duty

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The name of this product has significance. Running at 540watts with non-oiled powerful motor, having the maximum PSI range of 150 while weighing only 16lbs, this machine is unstoppable! The outer shell of this is hollow metal and the cylinder is made with aluminum.

You get 3 premium features altogether; auto temperature reduction, power switch (sand-proof) and zero-vibrating feet made with rubber. With all the necessary tools in a provided nylon bag, this product is compatible with all types of off-road vehicles. To some extents, this can be used for boats which are inflatable. All these with a 2 years of warranty makes this an actual ‘Heavy Duty’ giant!


[amazon box=” B06ZXR9P6R “]

With 150PSI pressure, this compressor can inflate regular sized tire in just 2 minutes! The two cylinders compress air at the same time with the help of powerfully driven motor, makes less noise and super-efficient and extremely stable while operating with the ‘Four-Rod’ technology.

A 5 meter long augmented hose gives ultimate accessibility and all the 12-volts appliances can be operated with this compressor, like coffee maker, vacuum cleaner and many more. Almost all the off-road vehicles like SUVs, bikes, trucks, RVs can be operated easily. A cigarette lighter having 15A fuse is also provided for external purposes. With all these, this product is ideal for all types of tires to inflate.

Smittybilt 2781

[amazon box=” B004K25GMG “]

With a non-oiled 1/3HP motor along with a 30amp fuse (inline), this compressor is small powerhouse.  The main feature of this product is the ‘Auto Thermal Cut-off’. This prevents the motor from getting too hot and thus reduces the rate of damage to it.

Very lightweight (20lbs) with a maximum 72 liters of air-flowing capacity in per minute (5.65 CFM) and an average runtime of about 40 minutes straight at 72*F (40PSI), this item is ideal for all weather demands. The 150PSI gauge is easy to read which is ideal for the novices. A roomy tool bag is provided and all these comes in your hand in just $164.80.

PORTER-CABLE Air Compressor

[amazon box=” B006CVXGR0 “]

Porter Cable’s 120volts low amp motor based compressor is a budget grab! It has comparatively quick recovery time and contains more air (1.5 gallons) than most other compressors in the same price range. The maximum pressure limit is 150PSI which is no less than the other compressors and runs longer.

Portable; weighs only 20 pounds and extremely quiet (79dBA) and it has a no-oil pump which ensures ultimate durability and no extra maintenance. Smoothly runs in the roughest weather where other motors can’t even start! Totally shrouded design keeps it protected from the outer harms. You can get this budget friendly compressor in just $134.02!

Best off-road Air Compressors Buying Guide

In terms of buying an off-road air compressor, there are certain facts which you must take into account. It’s never like you’ve gone to an automobile shop and asked for a random air compressor and bought it. With that being said, this buying guide will help you all the way through while seeking for the best off-road air compressors.

  • You’ll need off-road compressors to reflate the tires of your vehicle; mostly to increase traction and lessen the pressure of your tires. For that, you must look for portable compressors rather than on-board compressors. It is because on-board compressors needed to be installed in your vehicle for use. Whereas, portable compressors come in a handy bag that can be used anywhere depending upon your needs. So, for only off-road purposes, it is suggested to have a portable compressor than an on-board one.
  • The size of your tire is a crucial factor in buying an off-road compressor. The larger the tire is, the more volume of air it contains and the more powerful compressor you need. You must not buy a compressor which barely has the power to inflate your tires or seats. Usually, you should not go below the 35” compatible compressor as most of the off-road vehicles, except larger Lorries, which have larger tires installed. You should not fret for it much as most of the manufacturers will suggest you the prefect compressor according to your need.
  • The power of your compressor is indeed important. If you are in a hurry and not a patient one to refill your tires, we suggest you to buy a powerful one; especially the CO2 or NO2 models. But if you have time and don’t want any rush, then you can buy a regular off-road compressor which is also powerful and efficient but provides less power than the aforementioned ones.
  • Some manufacturers do provide the best quality air compressors. You must look for them at first. Brands like Porter Cable, Tirewell, All Top and many more offer you the best off-road air compressors as well as regular ones.
  • It’s undeniable that the weight of your compressor is as important as the other factors. You will be carrying the compressor with you and for the reason you must not buy something bulk! Make sure that your compressor is reasonably lightweight and durable at the same time. The balance between portability and efficiency is the key to get the ultimate service from an air compressor.
  • Look out for the noise of your compressor. You won’t be accepting something that creates a huge noise and makes the surrounding uncomfortable for work. For that, you should look for those compressors with comparatively lower decibels of noise. Nowadays, there are many off-road compressors with ‘Zero-Sound’ technology.
  • The mechanism of deflation, this criteria is arguably the most important term of an air compressor. Deflating tires is a task that consumes time and in some cases you might need to hold the hose pipe while doing it. But the good news is, there are manufacturers which produce compressors with built-in chucks to hold the hose valve. So, you know what you’re looking for.
  • Last but not the least, the price. Don’t spend, or we’d say waste too much on the same features when you’re having them in lesser prices. The aforementioned brands have all the necessary and extra features just for your convenience and you can have them in truly reasonable prices. The suggestion is, you should not spend more than $120 on air compressors if they do not provide any extra or notable features!

How to use portable off-road air compressor?

These compressors can be taken anywhere. Also, there are other 2 types of portable compressor which contain CO2 and NO2 respectively. Here is how you can use them.

  • Even though they are portable, you can attach them with your vehicle power.
  • Take the clips and connect it with your power-line, provided by the battery of your vehicle.
  • The small ones can be connected to the ports of the cigarette lighter.
  • For CO2 and NO2 compressors, you can do the same. They contain more compressed gas than O2 tanks. So, it’s easier to inflate tires.
  • For backup, you might need another portable compressor as there is limited amount of air compressed in them.

Off-road Air Compressors FAQs

Can this be used as an airbrush compressor?

The answer is a straight NO. There is neither any regulator for adjusting the air flow nor any air water filter system. Hence you won’t be getting any clean, dry air through off-road air compressors. These are simply designed to inflate tires up to 140 to 150 PSI.

Also, it is doubtful whether or not they will support the CFM. These types of compressors generate a lot of heat while operating. They draw out large amounts of energy from the battery as well – making them unfit to function as proper and controllable airbrush compressors.

What is the maximum pressure?

Although most companies claim that the maximum pressure is up to 150 PSI, it is safe to assume it as 140 PSI. But when it gets close to 150 PSI, the pressure gauge gets restarted. Most off-road compressors work at this rate of pressure relief. Super handy and convenient to install in your truck, they can withstand water, mud, and basically anything.

120 PSI is the working pressure and as per popular opinion, it is more than enough to air up the 33’s of a truck quickly. A person can fill up to four 265 70R17 truck tires from 25 to 75 within 20 minutes.

Can off-road compressors air up 35 inch tires?

Of course they can, you just have to make sure that the compressor you’re buying is made up for such task. For example, the ALL TOP Compressor is a heavy duty one specially designed to fill up tires up to 35 inches very easily. While some compressors are smaller in size, most of them can go up to 34 inches.

The regular off-road compressors can easily air up 35 inches tires because they are made for the task. However, some compressors have the ability to inflate larger tires. You can buy them too for they will serve for two tasks at once.

What size of hose should I use?

An air hose connects the compressor to the appliance you want to use. You should choose a large hose since it allows you to work while maintaining a safe distance.

In addition, the CFM has an impact. A larger CFM necessitates a larger diameter hose. The sort of compressor you have will determine this. 1/4″ and 3/8″ are the most frequent diameters. Check your compressor’s handbook or call a professional for assistance in determining the proper size to use.

The greater the compressor, the larger the diameter of the hose should be. A 1/4″ hose diameter is recommended by most home compressor manufacturers.

What happens if there is water in my lines?

This is usually caused by one of two issues: a defective condensate trap or a faulty or inadequate air compressor dryer. To solve the first issue, you’ll need to either wash or change the water trap. The second issue is more difficult to solve because you’ll need to fix or replace your air intake with something bigger which can, unfortunately, be a little pricey.

In such cases though, a drain valve can be purchased for convenience. Float actuated, electronically operated, and timed sequence actuated – these three are the primary types of drain valves.

Can I Inflate Truck Tires Often?

Well, it’s a tricky question. If you need to inflate your off-road truck tires, we suggest you to have the certain compressors which is made for trucks only or you can buy one which has the power of inflating truck tires. The Tirewell compressors are powerful enough to inflate truck tires, even they are made only for other vehicles.

To inflate truck tires, you must have a compressor that has the minimum power to handle the task as inflating truck tires is a tough one. But, do not use those regular 35” inch compatible compressors for trucks; they might blow up!

Final Thought

Deflating and inflating tires is a tough task. But with the help of the ideal compressor, you actually get the chance to sit back and enjoy. For that, you require the perfect guideline to have the perfect compressor according to your need.

In that case, it’s our duty to guide you all the way through of buying your desired air compressor that fulfills all of your needs. With that being said, this article contains all the necessary information about the best air compressors out there in the market and is served just for your convenience!

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