Best Air Compressor Fittings Reviews and Buying Guide

Best air compressor fittings

Air compressors are versatile, powerful tools to own. They are often used alongside other tools in order to increase efficiency and productivity.

Air compressor fittings connect other tools or accessories to air compressors. The features and PSI of an air compressor is no importance if you don’t have the correct and best air compressor fittings for it to work optimally.

Choosing air compressor fittings is difficult. But, with our help, you can find the best air compressor fittings for your tool right here in our best air compressor fittings review line up. Read on to learn the details of each of our choices.

Best Air Compressor Fittings Sell list

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Best Air Compressor Fittings Review

Neiko Oil and Water Separator Fittings

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This oil and water separator eliminates dust, oil, water, and other particles in the line from an air compressor. It has a ¼” universal NPT outlet and inlet which connects pneumatic spray guns and air tools with an air line. The separator takes a maximum air pressure of 90psi.

It prevents particles and water vapor from getting into any pneumatic tool to extend the tool’s life. Likewise, it gives a fresher paint job by catching oil particles and water vapor. It has brass fittings for extra durability and the housing is made from corrosion-proof aluminum. It is a lightweight and simple product that will extend the life of your tools.

Primefit 3-Way Air Compressor Fittings

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This is a splitter with a three-way air manifold that comes with 6-ball brass couplers measuring ¼”. It has a lightweight and durable aluminum construction. The aluminum and brass combination gives it a high resistance to corrosion and, as a result, a smoother operation and longer life when compared with other couplers.

The input is compatible with industrial fittings in M, D, and I/M style couplers and plugs. The manifold separates air lines from one into three separate lines. The couplers are contractor grade with 6-ball bearings. It comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Pro High Flow TANYA HARDWARE Air Fittings

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This V-style 28-piece high-flow solid brass plug and coupler kit includes multiple plugs and couplers with a basic flow ¼” in size. The plug will also accept A-style and M-style plugs. To keep the maximum flow, you should only use the V-Style plugs and couplers together.

The kit includes:

  • 8 Female plugs
  • 12 Male plugs
  • 4 Female couplers
  • 4 male couplers

If you’re working or completing a bit of home DIY, the coupler kit helps you to switch quickly between pneumatic accessories and tools. It is perfect for safe and quick air hose disconnection in a garage for example. You can team up these fittings with the best air compressor for painting cars and you’ll be well on your way.

FIXSMITH 2-way NPT Air Compressor Fittings

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This kit from FIXSMITH includes a ¼” NPT inlet and two ¼” outlets. This means that you can connect two accessories or tools to the same outlet. It is resistant to corrosion as it is made from nickel and plated with steel.

The 360° swivel design means that there are fewer hose kinks when you’re working. It is also easy to connect to different accessories quickly. This kit is compatible with many styles of couplers and plugs including A, I/M, and T-style. It is USA universal and has a 300-psi maximum pressure. Attach it to the best 120v air compressor and your jobs will be completed with ease.

VKIT HIGHFLOWPRO V-Style Air Compressor Fittings

[amazon box=”B077Y7P9PW”]

This ColorFit connect system comes from Milton, the latest of their innovative products. The vibrant color helps you to identify the plugs and couplers that go together. It’s as simple as purple to purple!

They are made from heavy-duty engineered steel that can withstand extremes. The High Flow Pro plugs and couplers give around a 70% increase in flow to give your air tools more power. They have a patent-pending durable steel sleeve with steel where you most need it. Milton’s anodizing process is both proprietary and advanced.

The ColorFit plugs and couplers are V-style but are compatible with Milton’s traditional air compressor fittings. The threaded connections measure ¼” NPT. You can use those lots of tools. Try them with the best 6 gallon pancake air compressor or the best 80 gallon air compressor and they’ll work equally well.

Primefit Deluxe Air Compressor Fittings

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These air accessories from Primefit come with a recoil hose measuring 25 feet. The kit includes the most frequently used accessories for air compressors in one kit. It is ideal for all air compressor uses in both workshops and the home whether with power tools or filling tires.

In this kit, you get 19 accessories in addition to the hose. There’s the blow gun with 4 nozzles for inflation and 2 needles for sports balls. There are also two quick couplers made from heavy-duty brass. This makes a great starter kit of an air compressor and even has a limited 1-year warranty. Stick it on the best 10 gallon air compressor and you’re ready for action.

Estwing Rubber Hybrid Air Compressor Fittings

[amazon box=”B01KA41E5K”]

This kit is all about flexibility and strength. It has a 50’ air hose ¼” width. The material is a blend of PVC and rubber and it is lightweight and kink-resistant, giving you up to a maximum of 300psi for the best working pressure. You can use this professionally or in the home.

All the couplers and plugs are made from extra-durable solid brass and are colored yellow and blue. The hose can withstand sub-zero temperatures too. The bend resistors stop wear and tear at joints which, coupled with the kink-resistance, makes for a long-lasting and durable hose and fittings.

Coupler/Plug Kit Air Compressor Fittings

[amazon box=”B003TFE7WK”]

The color matching from ColorConnex means that you can connect your plugs and couplers easily thanks to the ability to match up the colors. Red goes with red, it’s that simple. This kit ensures that you will never use the wrong line for dry line or lubricated line applications and will prevent cross-contamination.

The materials are of premium quality: aircraft aluminum and steel from Flexzilla. You can use this kit for heavy-duty uses such as professional jobs or in automotive workshops as well as in the home. Whether it’s Industrial, Automotive or ARO-standard pneumatic changes, this kit can do it all.

Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor Kit 17-piece

[amazon box=”B0000CBJKT”]

This kit has 17 pieces and includes a chuck, gauge, couplers and plugs in various types. There is a ¼” NPT Female coupler, four NPT Male plugs, 2 NPT ¼” Female plugs, a female coupling, two male couplings, two inflation nozzles, a tapered nozzle and a safety nozzle. All the plugs are cold-forged for extra durability.

This kit is an ideal way of fulfilling your inflation needs and is a great companion to any compressor.

With the best quiet air compressor by its side, you can complete all your air compressor jobs in the garage at home without disturbing anyone! It’s that simple.

2-Way Nozzle and Adjustable Air Fittings

[amazon box=”B01DCHA3R2″]

This blow gun lets you connect the hose from the bottom or the top depending on your needs. It has a ¼” inlet complete with an NPT connector included. It is suitable to a maximum of psi and has an extra-long nozzle that measures 4.5” meaning you can reach those difficult-to-reach places! There’s a control knob for air flow above the handle too.

With this one you can blast dust, water, or stubborn debris away from all types of machinery and materials. It has a one-year warranty and is made from a durable and light aluminum frame.

MaxWorks Air Hose Fittings

[amazon box=”B073XC7GN1″]

This retractable 3/8” air hose measures 50 feet and is made from rubber with fittings of solid brass. It can take an air pressure of up to 250psi, producing an air flow of up to 25CFM. There is a female air inlet of 3/8” by ¼” NPT and a male air outlet of the same dimensions.

There are four rollers (no snag too!) and an auto-rewind which will reduce the wear and tear of the hose. It has universal fittings too. The retraction is spring-driven to make it easy. It also comes with a plastic storage case for your convenience.

Milton’s EXELAIR EX0320MKIT Compressor Fittings

[amazon box=”B071VWP17L”]

M-Style Plugs and couplers with NPT ¼” threads. This is the most common and standard of sizes so you can be sure that you will be able to use these accessories with many of your existing tools. There are five male plugs, five female plugs, which are all made from steel. Also have five brass male plugs. There are also four female steel couplers and one in brass too.

The entire kit contains five couplers, 15 plugs, and the plastic case for storing them. Due to their universal fittings, these accessories could easily be used with the best 30 gallon air compressor meaning that you’re well on way to completing all those tasks.

Primefit 10-piece Compressor Fittings

[amazon box=”B005JRMPYI”]

This Primefit pack has 10 pieces made from professional-grade, heavy-duty, solid brass. There is a six-ball construction for these Air Quick Female Connect couplers. They offer Milton/industrial interchange where the six steel balls lock to increase their holding power and lifespan.

There are also nitrile seals to increase performance in any extreme temperatures. The construction, being solid brass, has a high resistance to corrosion and therefore adds to the lifespan too.

Each has a ¼” body size with female ¼” NPT threads and they adapt to all industrial uses with the best air compressors.

Milton Industries V-Style Fittings

[amazon box=”B000BVVDIG”]

Milton Industries are renowned for their leading air accessories, products, and equipment. For both DIYers and professionals, these high-flow couplers are of excellent quality. They are V-style Highflowpro and deliver 75% more flow than others in their class.

These are 3/8” size female NPT couplers with a maximum pressure of 300psi. They can withstand 250°F maximum temperatures. These are perfect for low pressure, high volume pneumatic applications and are compatible with A-style and M-style plugs. To retain the maximum air flow, V-style are recommended. For easy connection, there is a push-style sleeve release.

RapidAir Compressed Fittings

[amazon box=”B00159Z5DC”]

This RapidAir compressed is an aluminum block with different fittings. It has a 50100 adapter as well as an elbow fitting (50300). There’s a 45° NPT nipple, a plug and drain. It can withstand working pressures of up to 150psi.

The block has three sides with 3/8” female NPT threads. There’s an outlet port on the front side with a ¼” NPT female thread.

The block is coated with anodized aluminum and a nylon push for connecting the fittings. You should only use this one with Rapidair’s ½” OD by 3/8” nylon tube system. This one comes with a 1-year warranty.

Boeray Brass Compressor Fittings Fittings

[amazon box=”B07318CNHG”]

These fittings adapt ¼” male NPS ends to ¼” female tube ends at an angle of 90°. They are made from brass meaning that they won’t easily suffer from corrosion nor ductility, even at higher temperatures. Additionally, they have low magnetic ability.

You can use these with refrigeration, hydraulic applications, natural gas, and LP. These fittings meet the specifications for ASME/ANSI B16 and ASTM B584 quality assurance. They can withstand temperatures of between -65° to 250°F.

Boeray uses advanced processes in their manufacturing which means the threads are clear and prevent leaks better.

Powermate Air Compressor Fittings

[amazon box=”B00QQL2BPY”]

This is a 10” tube in braided steel that has been expertly engineered to be flexible to avoid kinks and breaking. The drain assembly gives a simple way of draining moisture from a tank. It includes a thread sealant that has been pre-applied to male threads. This is located within the shut-off valve that’s so easy to use, giving you the opportunity to add another elbow or drain hose.

This would work well with the best quiet air compressor allowing you to have quiet and easy operations and tank drainage.

Milton Compressor Fittings

[amazon box=”B001PLI4BA”]

This valve has a standard core with a plastic cap. With the cap, it measures 1 ½”. It is designed to be used to with air compressors to enable the filling of vessels. The tank valve stops air leakage while still allowing the air to inflate. It has a ¼” male pipe thread with a cap size of .305-32.

It can withstand a maximum pressure of 200psi. Milton is a well-known source of quality accessories for air compressors and has been in business since 1943. It supplies resources for industrial, hardware, heavy-duty, MRO, and automotive markets. Combine it with their best air compressor for automotive shop and you’re good to go.

LE LEMATEC – Digital Air Compressor Fittings

[amazon box=”B01N7SHW9J”]

This air gauge makes sure that you have consistent and accurate air pressure for your air operating tools such as a spray gun. This means you will save on materials and not spray where you don’t need to.

It has an auto-shut off and a replaceable battery. You don’t need tools to do this: it’s really simple to do. There’s a big digital display making it easy to take readings. It is a truly versatile air gauge and has a locking mechanism too so that flow doesn’t fluctuate. It is resistant to chemicals and solvents too.

The housing is impact resistant and is made from ABS durable housing, so it is able to withstand being dropped in a workshop.

Milton Compressor Fittings

[amazon box=”B0002SQTAK”]

This coupler is industry standard. Another from Milton, it is in an M-style and is a part of their ColorFit range. Most competitor couplers and plugs are also compatible. It has ¼” NPT female thread size and is made from durable brass with Buna-N seals. There’s a hardened-steel drag guard so that it doesn’t uncouple accidentally. It resists rust too.

This can withstand a maximum pressure of 300psi and temperatures to a maximum of 250°F. It can cope with 40 SCFM (standard cubic feet per minute).

Frequently Asked Questions

How much air will my air compressor tool need?

Most air compressors tool need anything between 70 and 100psi. They tend to consume under 10 CFM. However, it is important to look at the manual for your tool or ask the tool manufacturer for the precise air requirements. Using the wrong air requirements may mean that your tool will not work correctly, or it could damage it meaning it will no longer continue to work.

Will I need to service my air compressor? And, if so, how often should this be?

This will very much depend on how frequently you use your air compressor. If it has only occasional use, an annual service should be enough to keep it running smoothly. However, if you run your air compressor on a frequent basis, it should be serviced quarterly at the most.

I need a new air compressor. How do I know what size to choose?

You should always choose an air compressor that would give you more than you’ll need. The crucial factor is the air volume that you will use and the pressure it will be at. You should work out the FAD / CFM figure of your most powerful tool and then select an air compressor that meets the needs of that tool at a minimum.

What is BSPM and BSPF?

The BSP stands for British Standard Pipe and it is a group of screw threads used internationally to connect and seal the ends of pipes with female and male threads. The size of the thread is based on the size of the hose fittings inside. If a couple is labeled as BSPM it means British Standard Pipe MALE. The F on the end would be for FEMALE.

Quick Release Couplings – what are they?

Quick-release couplings let you connect and also disconnect airlines easily from either the air tool or the air compressor. They are designed so that they seal when they have disconnected thanks to an O-ring on the inside, which prevents the need of a shut-off valve. A female and male part to contain pressures when they are connected properly. They can also move around when connected so that there is less twisting and kinking of hoses. They are suited for busier workplaces to keep everything safer.

Final thought about Best Air Compressor Fittings

If you managed to pick yourself up the best 60 gallon air compressor for the money or the best air compressor for framing crew, you’ll be certain that you will want to have the best air compressor fittings to go with it. Having a look through this list of 20 different air compressor fittings will certainly give you the chance to be choosy and wise in your decisions.

Whether you are wanting plugs, couplers, a kit, or a gauge, you can be sure that all of the fittings in this list are the very best out there on the market. You need to look no further for the best air compressor fittings that will set you off on your next job with ease, simplicity, and accuracy too.

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