Best Air Compressor Filter Dryer


Best Air Compressor Filter Dryer

When it comes to cleaning your air compressor, an air compressor filter dryer is the perfect idea. Moisture and impurities can be removed from compressed air by using a good quality water separator.  Water is considered as one of the most common ingredients in an industrial setting, particularly in locations where humidity or rain is abundant.

Harsh substances such as sludge and grease can also get into air compressors, causing serious difficulties if not managed. Things like this can make it more critical for you to maintain your machine, so make sure you choose an excellent filter dryer for it.

Air Compressor Filter Dryer Review

DeVilbiss Air Filter and Dryer

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DeVilbiss has made this product for those who need a perfect setup for their restoration shops. You can use this filter anywhere and everywhere. The item is so light weighing only about 1.5 pounds. It has a firm yet smooth exterior which makes it ultimate comfortable.

There is no limitation for this air filter unlike others. You can even blast the soda with it. It has a very low rate of maintenance and easy to use. The maximum PSI level is 150.

Tailonz Pneumatic Compressor Filter

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In terms of precise air intake while having an air compressing operation, you need the right tool. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or not; but this filter dryer can help you all the way through. It has several attributes which makes it one of a kind. That include, a precise reading pressure gauge with purple markers, a fiber filtration with a M5 drain point and a handy measuring cup.

The overall air flowing capacity 500L/minutes and the maximum pressure is 145PSI. The M5 drain system is manual. This handy, easy to use filter can be purchased!

Campbell Hausfeld Air Dryer

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This air filter is a nightmare for those air vapors and oily stains. The main feature of this product is that it has an extended screen which keeps those external dust particles to enter the air flow system. Also, the indicators change color if there is any requirement of changing. This saves your valuable time at a great deal.

There is a ‘quick release bowl’ technology that allows you to see the flow and that is rigidly protected from any sort of metal contact. This filter has both features of manual and auto drive valve. You can have anyone of them depending on your needs.

Pneumatic Plus Air Drying System

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This air filter gives you the ultimate service of filtration. With its three staged air filtering operation, there is no scope of doubt about its service. The first stage includes a ‘particulate air filter’, the second stage can absorb 99% of oil and aerosols or any dust particle and the third stage gives you the freedom of regulating the air pressure.

The maximum PSI level is 250 in terms of supply. The filter uses a manually driven valve, but you also have the option of automatic drive valve if you want. There is a guarded bowl which is made of Polycarbonate.

Motor Guard Air Compressor Filter

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Motor Guard has made this product just to let you know that you can have all the premium services within a very cheap price. This small yet super-handy product can meet all your needs and you don’t have to pay more for this! The compressor has a moderate air flow level of 45CFM, and the maximum PSI level is 125.

It can eliminate particles of .01 microns! You can also use it for plasma cutters or other tools which require highly filtered air. The ‘sub-mounting filter’ and bracket helps you all the way through. Believe us or not, but you can have this for just 85 bucks!

Pneumatic Plus PPF4 Air Particulate Filter

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Pneumatic Plus PPF series is an ultimate beast in terms of eliminating oil, dust and any other particles from your air compressor’s flowing system. The manufacturer is well concerned about the service of the filter and for the reason, has added a 2 micron ultra-microscopic element for premium service.

A fine mounting bracket is added in the purchase which most of the companies do not add with the main package. This filter has the maximum PSI level of 250 and controllable PSI level is 0-140. A metal bowl and a polycarbonate is given for better service and safety.

‎ALL Tool Depot Dryer System For Compressed

[amazon box=”B06XP4Z6ZS”]

Another three staged air filter for you. With 150 PSI of maximum operable pressure limit along with the mounting bracket (wall) and float drain which runs internally, this product has all the necessary attributes that you will want. This one is ideal for reducing water vapor and oiliness as well as creating a dry and dust free environment within the compressor.

The manufacturer has used 0.01 micron filtering component which ensures the least penetration of any harmful particles and removes 99% it. An indicator shows you the perfect time to change the filter, so that you don’t waste much time on maintenance.

Mudder Air Line Compressor Filter 

[amazon box=”B083BLRMVT”]

If you want a water and an oil separate filter in one package, then this item is for you! It is the most generalized version of any air filter that gives you all these facilities in one package. The materials of this product are the key reason of its premium service. Polycarbonate, aluminum and brass; all three elements ensures anti-oxidation and reduces moisture within the compressor.

In terms of longevity, this will never disappoint you. Extremely lightweight (9 ounces) and durable with no frequent maintenance issue allow you to have the best experience. So, do not waste your time and grab one of yours at a very reasonable price.

Pneumatic Plus PPC3C Air Drying System

[amazon box=”B016XIWMPI”]

This Korean brand knows all about your desires. Hence, they give you the exact product according to your need. This filter with 16 CFM of air flowing capacity and overall pressure limit of 140 PSI can be your best choice. The particulate filter mechanism include 5 micron component and the coalescing filter contains a 0.3 micron component.

The filter has a manual drain valve. The other material includes the hardy polycarbonate and this one element makes the product super handy. Weighing only 1.92 pounds, this product ensures maximum portability and serves you with durability. You get a 1 year warranty while purchasing it.

EDGE Desiccant Air Dryer

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This air filter efficiently signifies its name. Yes, this one is an actual heavy duty beast. The maximum PSI level is 225 and the item is extremely lightweight weighing only about 5 pounds. The maximum air flow capacity of 145 CFM tells you why it has been named as a heavy duty machine.

Like many others, this is also a three staged air filter. But the difference lies within the service. This one is handy and durable and unlike many other three staged filters, it doesn’t require frequent maintenance.

Air Compressor Filter Dryer Buying Guide

If you are to buy an air compressor filter, first you must be aware of the size of your compressor. It is important to know that not all compressor filters are the same despite the simplicity of their functions as an air compressor filter. If you buy a random filter, you will see that the filter is not working up to the mark of your desire.

Bigger compressors require bigger and larger volume filters. It is because the amount of air that your compressor is going to intake, suggests the power of your filter. So, bigger compressor, bigger filter; as simple as that.

There are types of filters which not only filter the air inside of your compressor, but also some of the pollutants which are not necessarily considered as ‘compressor dusts’. For example, you can buy those air filters which can also filter other harmful elements aside the regular ones.

The next thing that you should keep in your mind is the flow rate. The general flow rate can be within the range of 1200-1700 Nm*3/h. Again, this depends on the size and volume of your compressor.

Temperature is also another crucial factor in terms of buying an air compressor filter. High end and heavy-duty compressor filters can handle the temperature up to 450 degrees.

Whereas the low and moderate level air filters can handle temperature about 150 degrees. You buy what suits you the best, depending upon your necessity and the overall requirement of your air compressor.

There are some more scientific terms which you should take into account other than the aforementioned. The ISO standard is something that specifies the purity of the air which is compressed by your compressor. So, if you are going to buy an air compressor filter, check if the filter is meeting the global standards or not.

Buying a random one, as we have mentioned earlier, would be nothing but waste of money. Look for the micron elements that your filter is using. Also, check the length of the micron components. The more microscopic they are, the better they purify the air for your compressor.

Another important thing is the lubricator of your filter if there is any. Some filters offer lubricator which ensures that the air is being highly purified and lubricated for the compressor as the compressor needs lubricated air whatsoever.

Do not buy those false lubricated filters because they only create extra vapor for your filter which is good for nothing. The valve is an important aspect for filters.

Mostly the popular brands use manual driven valves. There are also some brands which use automatic valves. Both works kind of in the same way. So, it is totally up to your choice what you are going to buy. Last but not the least is the price.

All these criteria which we have mentioned should be in a compressor that costs around $120-200. There are some changes depending upon the features. But it is a general idea that we give you for your convenience. The final suggestion would be, do not waste your money!


How do I choose an air dryer for my air compressor?

In order to get the perfect size that goes best with your air compressor, you need to keep a few points in mind before buying one:

  • What type of compressor it is?
  • Whether the piston is two-staged or not
  • Whether there is an after cooler in case there is a piston
  • Does it come with a rotating screw?
  • The capacity and size of the compressor
  • Check the horsepower

The facts above are necessary to size the proper dryer considering air dryers are scaled usually by CFM or capacity.

What is the purpose of dryer in compressed air system?

  • The function of an air dryer is to lower the dew point of pressurized gas by eliminating moisture.
  • Compressed air may carry moisture, which can hit the dew point temperature and condensate into a hazardous liquid under the appropriate circumstances.
  • This can be a significant concern because it can damage your equipment and materials, cause frozen pipes, induce rusting, and cause further problems.
  • Based on the sort of air dryer you select, the function of your air dryer and how it preserves your pressurized gas from excess humidity will vary.

Do I need a dryer for my air compressor?

If either one or multiple of the issues arise with your air compressor, get yourself a good quality air dryer:

  • When “Dry Air” is required, according to the compressor manufacturer.
  • The Pipelines start to rust and corrode.
  • The hoses and lines of your compressor are leaking liquid water.
  • Water spots are visible on the air equipment.
  • In case of water vapor spraying out of the tool exhaust.
  • Moisture buildup is the main reason of most air compressor troubles. As a result, air compressor users should invest in air dryers whenever needed.

What is the air dryer dew point?

  • The dew point varies depending on the compressor system, but it is normally between 50°F and 94°F.
  • A regenerative dryer’s average dew point is -40 °C (-40 °F); this implies that when the air exits the dryer, it contains the same amount of water as if it was “cooled” to -40 °C (-40 °F).
  • Depending on the application, a dew point of -70 °C (-94 °F) is needed at times.
  • Compressed air moisture sensors can be fitted to observe equipment air dew point readings and inform controllers if they surpass a pre-programmed standard.

How do desiccant air dryers work?

  • Desiccant air dryers function based on a basic method: damp air runs over hygroscopic material (desiccant) and is dried as a result.
  • In the regeneration process, moisture is removed by using clean, inflated purge air, heat (internal or external), or a mixture of both.
  • The airflow from the compressor is dried in one tower whereas the desiccant in the other is regenerated.
  • In pressure swing (heatless) dryers, the purge air demand ranges from 10% to 18% of the overall circulation. It is possible to obtain dew points ranging from -40 °F to -100 °F.

Final Thoughts

It is not necessary to be a professional in terms of buying an air compressor filter. It is just your job and like others, all you need to do, is improve. Air filters are way too important for maximum productivity. For the reason, we are taking the responsibility to guide you all the way through your desired air filter.

It is to be mentioned that this article has all the necessary information about the filters. You already some of the most crucial facts which might be missing in the others, and now you can consider yourself as someone who is a few steps ahead of others!

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