Best Air Compressor Combo Kit Buying Guide


Best Air Compressor Combo Kit

Be it a DIY woodworking project or the professional carpenter’s job – to power and run specific tools, namely the pneumatic ones, compressor kits are a wise choice. It’s not only budget-friendly but also a big-time saver as well as more convenient than buying specific tools one by one.

There are a good number of compressor kits that promise to provide good service. But not all of them are worth the hype. Some of combo kits are nothing but just another place to waste your money on. This article will help you find the right one to invest on.

Which is the best air compressor combo kit now

In terms of searching for the best air compressor, there are certain names which pop in our minds. With that being said, here are some of the best air compressor combo kits:

Best air compressor combo kit Review

DEWALT Air Compressor Combo Kit (DWC1KIT-B)

[amazon box=” B00LIW1SU0 “]

The Brad Nailer in this kit can insert 18-gauge nails ranging in length from 5/8″ (16 mm) to 2” (50 mm). It also contains a ‘tool-free jam release’ mechanism and this makes nail removing effortless.

The rear exhaust keeps corrosives away from the workstation, and the  shell; which is made of magnesium offers a rigid layout. It also has a non-cranking tip that can be detached and re-installed on the setup, and an extendable belt hook.

The long-lasting oil-free pump ensures trouble-free operation and a peaceful working environment. It includes factory-installed air couplers to easily handle two users, and its 10 amp draw motor starts effortlessly in cold weather. The shroud features a handle and that is ultra heavy-duty, a cable wrapper and a covering console.

CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor Combo Kit (CMEC1KIT18)

[amazon box=” B07KHJT6FQ “]

This cheap yet highly efficient air compressor is the perfect budget product which can outplay many flagship level air compressors.

This compressor is lightweight (only 38 pounds), durable, and efficient enough to make your production rate escalated. With the maximum PSI level of 150 along with the ability to drive 2-inch nails have made this product such a market killer!

The electric plugs are made according to the principles of the U.S.A standard. So, you don’t have to worry about its accessibility; you simply plug and work, anywhere and everywhere! This excellent product can be purchased, a budget friendly product indeed!

PORTER CABLE Compressor Combo Kit (PCFP72671)

[amazon box=” B00HRL55LY”]

Another Porter Cable air compressor but this time it is a pancake one. Amongst many other pancake air compressors, this one is a bit different with its larger volume of 6 gallons.

The maximum PSI level of this compressor is 150 PSI. This compressor uses Finish nailers which are standard 16 grams.

The compressor runs at 2.6 CFM at 90 PSI and provides you the premium service that a compressor can deliver at this budget range. One of the key pros of this compressor is that you can use it in all types of standard households.

BOSTITCH Pancake Air Compressor (BTFP02012)

[amazon box=” B00UHNM1R0 “]

Bostich has made this air compressor while keeping the maintenance issue in their mind. This compressor won’t bother you with those maintenance days when you have literally nothing to do but wait until your maintenance is done.

This compressor has an oil free pump and is extremely portable. The maximum PSI level is 150.

This is a big 6-gallon pancake compressor which is ideal for both industrial personal purposes. The item is so lightweight weighing only about 29 pounds. It has an ‘extension cord application’ of 50 feet making this one an all-access air compressor!

DEWALT Air Compressor (D55140)

[amazon box=” B000HZJMFM “]

If you are not a professional automobile worker and wat to continue your passion in the automobile sector with some heavy operations which please you, then this compressor is just for you.

Dewalt has especially built this compressor for those who are need of a heavy-duty companion which will provide exactly the service that they want.

This compressor is a One-gallon compressor (trim) which is protected by a roll cage. The maximum PSI level is 135. Very quiet (only 71 dB) and durable compressor ideal for nailers and framing walls.

PORTER-CABLE Nailer and Compressor Combo Kit (PCFP3KIT)

[amazon box=” B08XK1VVXH “]

The Porter Cable is an amazing compressor with the pressure of 90 PSI. This compressor has a 2.6 CFM level that is more than enough for a corded/cordless electric compressor.

The compressor runs at 120 volts. This one is a three-nailer compressor. That means you ca run three nailer at the same time which is ideal to save your valuable time!

One of the key features of this compressor is that it has ‘tool free depth-of drive adjustment’ system, which is absent in the features of many compressors. A 25 feet long hose is provided.

Makita MAC2400 Air Compressor

[amazon box=” B0001Q2VPK “]

Makita has made this product which can deliver you the ultimate service. Their cast iron technology along with the big bore cylinder allows you to accelerate your productivity to a certain level where you really can progress. It has a 4-pole motor which can deliver about 4.2 CFM and works at about 90 PSI.

One of the key features of this product is the low amp drawer. It helps you to avoid any sort of distortion and any breaking incidents. The compressor uses an oil-lubricated pump that is ideal for smooth running and does not produce loud sound.

Air Compressor Combo Kit Buying Guide

If you are to buy an air compressor of your own, there are certain things which you should take into your consideration. Also, we know you have many questions about the whole compression scenario which include the question of what is the best air compressor for automotive air tools?

Which type will be the best air compressor for spray painting? And about the best quiet air compressor.

This buying guide will help you to get all the answers and lead you towards your first air compressor kit. First of all, you’ll need to know about the CFM level of an air compressor, and you have to know about those compressor kits which will give you all the conveniences.

The CFM level varies from compressor to compressor and brand to brand. CFM means how much air your compressor can supply in order to inflate or deflate a tire. Generally, CFM starts from 12 and can be upgraded to 25 as per the power of the compressor. Some compressors which have bigger tanks, offer you higher level of CFM, the smaller compressors have lower level of CFM.

Another important fact which you should keep in your mind while buying one is the compressor kit’s diversity. Many brands do offer all the necessary equipment that you need. But there are some brands which will only tell you that they give you all the equipment, where in reality, they give you only some basic tools which do not meet all of your requirements.

For that, we suggest you look deep into all the information about the compressor kit that you are willing to buy. Do not make yourself a fool!

Now that you know about the basics, you must know some details. Sound is a crucial factor while we are talking about the service of a compressor. There are brands which give you premium service but create huge noise. We understand that you are not at all okay with this.

We suggest you look for those compressor kits which give you service, quietly! Brands like Bostitch air compressor combo kit, gives you this service at a reasonable price.

Moreover, sound pollution is not something that you’ll want either at your home or at your workshop. In terms of longevity, you should look for those compressors which have a good power-line service as well as a good fuse connection. The durability is another crucial factor in this scenario. You have to look for those combo kits which will give you premium service and which are handy and hardy.

Do not go for those fancy looking compressors as most of the time they don’t give you the service but eye pleasure. Remember, you are buying an air compressor, not an aesthetic piece of enjoyment! Last but not the least the price.

All the compressors that we have mentioned in this article are reasonable enough to work at your backyard. These compressor kits should be within the range of $150 to $390. Do not waste your money on something unworthy. 

Air Compressor Combo Kit FAQs

What size compressor is needed for framing nailer?

In terms of knowing about the framing nailers’ size, first off all you’ll need to know what exactly is nailing. It is a process of putting the air gun at a huge pressure and by using the pressure, you can use them to sheathing and putting up walls and so on.

  • As the professionals suggest, there can be many preferable sizes of framing nailers.
  • You can start with 2-5 gallons air compressors in you have an indoor setup. That’s basically if you’re not a professional and want to continue your compressing duty.
  • If you have a moderate setup and have medium setup, you can go for those 4-6 gallons air compressor. They are handy for short range industrial workshops.
  • Finally, if you have a larger setup, you can go for those 6-10 gallons. They are ideal for 2 or more nailiers. The professionals mostly use these compressors for large industrial complexes.

Why Chose our air compressor combo kit?

When you are going for these air compressor stuffs, you won’t be fully satisfied with just an air compressor. For accelerating you production speed, you’ll need something more which will allow you to generate speed in terms of productivity and make your life easier.

  • Among many others, there remains a question of why you choose our compressors? Well, we’re being honest here and with that being said, our compressor combo kits will give you the maximum utility service.
  • The Pancake air compressor combo kit can be your ideal choice. It has all the necessary equipment to fulfill all your needs.
  • Depending upon your needs, you can also choose the Dewalt 6 gallon air compressor combo kit. We’ve mentioned it earlier that for larger level production, you must choose something which gives you more productivity. This kit can help you with its extra facilities of pressure controlling utilities and many more.
  • Our Hitachi air compressor combo kit will give you more than you want. With 9 pieces of fasteners, integrated air duster and the allowance of “Tool less Depth Adjustment” technology, you will be fascinated by its service.
  • With the low maintenance operation, the Craftsman air compressor combo kit can be your savior if you do not have time and you want to have the same service or more!

Final thoughts

In these days people are running after those small electric air compressors. But we suggest you stick to the traditional ones as they have zero-latency in terms of service. In this article, we have tried to get you acquainted with the compression insights as well as answer to your question of which is the best air compressor for automotive painting and many more.

There are multiple choices from which you can have your own compressor. However, in terms of best air compressor fittings and aftermarket services, and about their insights; you can always be our guest who is need of a perfect guide.

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