What Size Air Compressor Do I Need for Air Tools


Air tools refer to those equipment which use air pressure as their main source of power. That means, air tools are a type of tools which use air to run them, and the job of compressing is done by the air compressors. There are various sizes of air compressors. Along with different sizes, there comes the term power, which is also co-related with the size. In short, the power and size including the other attributes of a compressor solely depend on the requirements of the users.

  • Air tools include spray paints, dye grinders, framing nailers, tire inflators and deflators, paint guns and many more. Each of the air tools have certain requirements to run them smoothly, without ay hassle. That means, the size of the air compressor depends on these requirements.
  • It all depends on the work requirements. For instance, compressors like DEWALT DWFP55126 Pancake, are idal for pneumatic air tools. It has a 6 gallons capacity for air which ensures maximum air intake in order to execute those inflating-deflating jobs and other air works.
  • As we have mentioned earlier that there is no size which can be considered as the ideal one, by saying that, we mean that the size of the compressor depends on the requirements. For small or household workshops, you need a mini air compressor with 2-4 CFM and a maximum of 110 PSI with the tank size of 3 gallons. This will do for you just fine.
  • If you have an upgraded workstation, with medium to semi-large equipment like jack hammer, semi-large drill machines, framing nailers and for other purposes, you can have a bigger compressor with a bigger tank size. A nice 6 gallons as we have mentioned earlier will be just fine with 165 PSI.
  • Mostly, people stumble at their first purchase of air compressor since they know a little about it. As a guide, our suggestion will be just the same as the professionals suggest. As the size is our main focus here, we suggest you to have a smaller compressor at first which off course need to match your requirements.
  • As you have slowly upgraded your workshop and have gathered some knowledge and experience, it is time for something bigger. For larger infrastructure, you will need a compressor of 10 gallons and higher. Compressors like Metabo HPT UA3810AB can help you out. It is big yet portable air compressor for all kinds of pneumatic air tools which require more air to perform well.
  • The focal point of our discussion is that there is no declared size of air compressor which you have to consider as a must. But it all depends upon the needs of the tools which you are willing to work with.
  • This FAQ section delivers you all the answers in a brief and compact presentation so that you understand how this size and requirement ratio works. We have tried to keep it in short for your convenience.
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