How much does an Air Compressor Cost



How much does an Air Compressor CostWell, this is an important term where we gotta talk frank and clear. Air compressor is such a tool which can be costly and cheap at the same time all depending upon the service of the compressor. There are compressors which are so cheap that you won’t want to buy thinking about its service. At the same time, there are compressors which are so costly that you will not even think of buying that, let alone work with it. All these critical financial terms depends upon the service and overall productivity of an air compressor.

Amongst many other facts, the CFM level, PSI level and the overall size of the compressor are the most important. For home purposes, compressor with a CFM level of 4-6 and 60-70 PSI like the Craftsman CMEC6150K, it should cost around $200-$300. Also, these types of compressor can differ from size to size.

Generally, these compressors have the capacity of 5-6 gallons which are in the periphery of the semi-large compressors. These compressors should cost just as the same as we have mentioned earlier.

For light air tools like paint guns, nailers and impact wrenches can be compatible with the small to semi-large air compressors. These compressor will cost you not more than $250.

In terms of home usage, the Pancake compressors can be one of your best choices. These compressors are small, cheap and efficient. These are ideal only for household usages and to those who are not professionals at all. Pancake compressors have the air containing capacity from 1-6 gallons, which is off course more than a regular small-mid level compressor can afford. These compressors will cost you only $100-$250.

For backyard garage purposes, your household compressors won’t work much. For that, you will need something a bit more rigid and efficient. Garage compressors work with bigger impact wrenches and drillers. In order to that perfectly, a compressor of 120-130 PSI and 10-14 CFM will be enough. These compressors will cost you around $250-$300.

Now, if you are a professional who has the pressure of maximum productivity in order to maintain pace with the other brands worldwide, you will need bigger compressors, real big compressors. These professional compressors can have extra-large capacity of containing air. Generally, these compressors have the minimum PSI of 150-180 up to accessible PSI of 250-300.

Professional compressors are mostly seen in the factories and industrial areas. These high end, heavy-duty compressors such as Vlair Heavy Duty, cost around $350-$500.

It might sound too much but the professional compressors will allow you to have many extra and efficient feature which lack in the other compressors.

Our suggestion will be to look for your needs in a compressor and match the requirements along with your affordability. In the market, you will see all types of compressors. From small household to mid-level garage compressors to jumbo-sized compressors. The price of all these compressors depends on the service and performance.

So, it is up to you to choose the right machine which matches your requirement and is within your affordability.

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