Air compressor is a device that converts power from motor powered by electric or gasoline into kinetic energy. Like their name, the motor is compressing and pressurizing air, then can be released in quick bursts on command. The Most common type of air compressors that we usually use in our home tire inflator. This tools will help us for inflating bike / car tires  or for inflating volleyballor basketball

Two Type Of  Air Compressor

Based on availability of tank to store compressed air, Compressor can be divided by two type of air compressor :

1. Piston-type compressors

Type of Air Compressor - TankThis compressor have tank to store compressed air. Motor start to fulfill tank with pressured until pressure in the tank reaches a specified level, then the motor shut off . The motor restart again when pressure inside the tank drop.

There are two kinds of piston compressors:
1. Single-stage compressors have one piston that compresses air and delivers it to the tank.  Single-stage compressors are adequate for most home users since a maximum rating below 150 psi.

2. Two-stage compressors have two pistons that compresses and deliver air to the storage tank. The first piston compresses the air and pushes it through a check valve to the second piston. The second piston further compresses air and save it to air tank. The two-stage system is usually found on commercial heavy-duty compressors with maximum ratings above 150 psi.

2. Portable air compressors

Type Air Compressor - PortableThis type of compressor are the lightest and smallest compressor available. They don’t have storage tanks, so they must run continuously to supply air. Portable compressors power caulk guns, glue guns, small spray guns, and can inflate sports equipment and tires.

After you well-known about type of compressor. We suggest you to know several factors when you are buying an air compressor.  But let us take a look at each of them in brief:

Source of power: There two alternatif: electric and gas. Electric air compressors are ideal for indoor applications since their sound is more silence.. Gas air compressor provide high performance but emit fumes so they are best used outdoors.

Portability:  There are two options: portable or  stationary. Please choose models based on what you intend to use it for and which one is more convenient to use.

Size: There are different tanks sizes ranging from 1 gallon to 80 gallons. The smaller size of the tank, the cheaper compressor for the money.