Air Tank

Air Tank store compressed air that produce by compressor motor. It is important element of compressor. Since it will determine how long your tools can run until the compressor turn back on. So, if you want to use pneumatic tool that require continue and higher volume of air, such as drill and sanders. Then you will need to buy a model with a bigger tank.  However if you will use tools that operate in short bursts of air or intermittent running, such as nailer. Then you can choose a smaller tank.  The size of air tank is

The most common mistake that consumers make is choosing too small of air tank. A portable or small compressor may be nice and simple, but they have lower CFM and smaller tanks. It means compressor motor will run more frequently and use more electricity. Finally, it will ultimately shorten the life of the air compressor.measured in gallons. Tank sizes range from 1 gallon to 240 gallons.

Air Tank Model

air tank There are many air tank model that you can choose. Please keep in mind that selection is determined only by the work environment for the unit, such as floor space, size, and portability.The model will not affect the performance of the compressor. Below we’ve listed some common air tank models:

  • Horizontal Stack – These compressors are wide and long and tend to take up a lot of floor space.
  • Vertical Stack – Vertical stack compressors have a large capacity and usually take up less floor space than horizontal compressors. These compressors are usually stationary.
  • Wheelbarrow – These portable models have wheels and handles that are similar to a wheelbarrow.
  • No Tank – These Tankless compressors are lightweight and highly portable.
  • Twin Stack – Boasting two tanks that are stacked on top of one another, these compressors have a lower profile and lower center of gravity, which makes them very easy to transport.
  • Hot Dog – These compressors are small and portable. They are best for occasional, small-scale jobs and household applications like inflating tires and sports equipment.
  • Pancake – The smallest and lightest of the models, pancake compressors are highly portable. These models typically have lower CFMs and less powerful motor.

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